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My "fanart" page... or something

Alright, well this obviously isn't the actual brewstew.com, but if you couldn't tell by the other pages on this shitty ass website, I couldn't use my imagination, or draw something that looked half decent if my life depended on it, so instead I just tried to replicate someone else's artstyle!

I might make this a fanpage someday, but for now this is all you get.

But if you don't know, Brewstew is the only good story time channel on all of YouTube, and follows the life stories of Tyler Rudolph from beautiful Toledo, OH, from his dumbass childhood friends and shitty vehicles, to becoming a somewhat responsible adult!

And Brewstew's storytelling abilities are on another level, like this man knows how to tell a story, unlike me, but if you're bored you can read a couple of my school stories, just not the older ones cause I apparently was a pretty dumb kid when I was 12 and couldn't write a story worth a damn!

My "fanart"

IDK if I should call this stuff "fanart", I mean it's kinda brewstew related, but basically in 2017 I started writing down my school stories, and some of them ended up on this website, but were so badly written I removed most of them. Now I'm writing some new ones and wanted some new pictures to go with them! So I took inspiration from the best storyteller and used his artstyle.

The... thing you see on the right there was the first time I ever tried doing that, and I made that in Paint.NET because I don't have flash. But what you see below was my second go at it, and what I drew for the PanCook story when my friend's hot glue gun nearly burst into flames.

So basically to make these, just make a background by using the circle gradient tool, setting primary to #ebebeb, secondary to #6b6b6b, and there you got your background. Then just draw a shitty stick figure with the curved line tool, and then either draw, or steal the rest from Google Images! Now you'll be drawing your dumbass uncle bob when he set the bushes on fire, in no time!

I also thought my first attempt was so funny, that I edited it to actually look like me, and then turned it into a reaction image. I don't actually have an orange shirt, and yes, I'm the fuckin kid across the street, okay?

I also got bored and started drawing my friends in this artstyle too! I think part of the reason why I like it so much is because it's easy to draw like stickmen, but you have more creative freedom to be able to have more emotions and clothes and stuff. Idk what I'm talking about actually.

Anyways, I want to add more to this page in the future, but for now this is all you get. Just enjoy the picture of me and MY dumbass friends beating the shit out of a rotten stump. Yeah. 9 year old stuff.

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