dvd3000 fanart!

a collection of art some people sent in of me on roblox dvd3000
i really appreciate your guys' stuff, it's amazing. i cant thank you guys enough

you can send stuff in via email, roblox messages, or on clifford pls

katiekattape by bananabreadguy on 12/20/22

a lil drawy of my katie kat (my fursona?) / "mascot" of my budget vhs archives!! this was the first fanart I got that wasn't Roblox related so it's so cool to see and super cute!

dvd3000 summer '22 by dvd3000 on 09/12/22

dvd3000 summer outfit ver. (but summer is basically over but whatever)
also this is a bad paper drawing but also whatever

dvd3000 cool by fadedducky on 08/03/22

dvd3000 but im actually drawn to look fricken cool

omlwhid dvd3000 by dvd3000 on 08/02/22

since shoeliver (zydeko75) drew me, I figured I would too.
Yeah, we were on call at 3:08 AM.

- shoeliver

oh my lord what have i done by zydeko75 on 08/02/22

every time someone says they will draw me
the new reaction image

dvd3000 in dvd3000splace by fadedducky on 05/23/22

whoa is that actually dvd3000 owner of roblox game dvd3000s place wow i cant believe it its actually dvd3000 can i have admin also i wont destroy the game i will be good also can i have admin and can i have admin pls

spraypaint by fadedducky and coolboy57598 on 05/18/22

fadedducky did the one on the left which is super cute!!
also coolboy did the one on the right which is dvd3000 ipod cause uh ipod

dvd idk by fadedducky on on 01/25/22

also one thing, is that when you set your body colors the classic way on roblox (change color of individual body part) yknow you color your torso and arms, but like when you color your torso it doesn't automatically give you torso colored sleeves, cause why would it, it's a avatar customizer on a lego game, but for some reason everyone thinks that it's supposed to be like a tank-top/sleeveless shirt (aka a wifebeater). Just saying, but I always saw it as a tshirt.

hcat by fadedducky on 01/05/22

hcat - Today at 4:55 PM
is that the hcat

Faded - Today at 4:55 PM

hcat - Today at 4:56 PM
> xufox - 01/03/2022
> what does the h in hcat stand for
> hcat - 01/03/2022
> um

Faded - Today at 4:56 PM
hilarious cat
hell cat

hcat - Today at 4:56 PM
> hcat - 01/03/2022
> um
> hecka awesome
> xufox - 01/03/2022
> more like has downsyndrome lol
> hcat - 01/03/2022

artmuseum by maxblox777 on 12/29/21

MaxBlox - 12/29/2021
I was board so I put you in maxes art museum

im ipod by coolboy57598 on 12/22/21

hey guys im an ipod guys guys ipod dont play "it's raining tacos"
[coolguyoscar123]: DVD3000 how old are you?
[DVD3000]: the apple ipod video was released 16 years ago

dvd3000 ipod by maxblox777 on 11/18/21

it's amazing maxblox thank you

DVDowo by fadedducky on 11/19/21

um thank you i think

DVD by fadedducky on 11/19/21

dvdthree000 plzplz i am ur biggest fan can i have admin plzzz i will not abuse it plzzz lz dvd dvd ipod

DVD30-0006657 by fadedducky on 11/15/21


haha fanart by garlicy on 11/14/21

garlicy: Haha bad fanart right?
dvd3000: no it the really good
garlicy: Yuu Ara spanking my lungage
garlicy: I couldn't draw the face

OK2 by coneheadch on 09/19/21

garfieldfan89 with a gun oh no

dvd by hihofrog250 on 09/19/21


dvd300000 by dvd3000 on 08/08/21

Dule74: hot

top 10 roblox players by hihofrog250 on 08/02/21

what do you mean "not these guys"

draw dvd3000 furry by lambybearysan on 05/12/21

its adorable thank you

dvd3000 furry by fadedducky on 05/12/21

dvd wOOOwO!!

nothing questionable really by captioncylol on 06/23/20

im free
for now

dvd3000good by dvd3000 on 11/12/17

captioncylol: Honestly though, cute.
captioncylol: Lets like bot the favourites and advertise this. XD. Put lots of comments and make it go WILD!
DynamicDule: V true
captioncylol: This js actual art.
mastercodebreaker29: lol ok
DVD3000: funny and cool

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