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First of all, I can't draw, and second of all, I'm not comfortable showing pix of myself to strangers on the internet, so I like to use picrews to represent myself online.

I know that sounds dumb, but I like 'em. If you dunno what a picrew is, it's like a dressup game with user created art that you can piece together into a character!

Here's some picrews that I put together of "myself". You can click on them for the full resolution version and the link below them is to the original picrew link for credit and so u can make ur own!

made with aci's couple maker!
made with person maker! :D!
made with tabbi's pfp maker!
made with character creator!
made with cute characters!

Oh, and also, this is even dumber, but Roblox is good fun too.

Updated 08/25/22

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