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my right is your left

you know when someone says "it's on the left"", but their left is actually your right, and people do this so often that your brain is configured to automatically switch left and right? and then when you're working and someone says "its on your left", you automatically switch it, and look to your right, and they they say "your other left (comedy)". no? anyways, this comic has nothing to do with that, but it's mostly a collection of slight inconveniences, like wii bowling, dogs on chairs, melted icecream, and global warming in the melting of the arctic

*most of the contents in this section consist of inside jokes and things that would make no sense to the average reader. unless you know me very personally, just note that some comics are completely irrelevant to you

You could see this as the "second season" of the original comix series if you wanted to. I originally made these for a class newspaper that my friends ran.
Last service update May 30 2022

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