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07/16/22 - the story of links2links - website

Anyone who's been reading my site for a while (nobody) or has tried taking a look at the Wayback Machine on my site may have per chance noticed that in late 2021, the site grew drastically larger.

No, I didn't go crunch mode and grind out 200 pages for nobody to read, what actually happened, was I finally ended links2links.

Back in elementary school, I made a lot of crap with my friend group back then, and I still had and still have all of it… in a cardboard box under my bed. At the time, I was also still continuing some of the shenanigans with my friends, so the cardboard box continued to grow.

But as you know, I love websites, and what's better? A cardboard box full of paper, or a website full of paper? So in 2018 I created a website specifically for my friend group, originally called "the back room", separate but kind of connected to my main site. The original intention was that technically you could get to it, but it was mainly just for the usage of my friend group.
The first and only section in 2018, was the comics section, because we loved making crappy comics back then, which were a part of a class newspaper that we ran at the time.

At this time, my main website was exclusively for more serious, on topic computer related pages and stuff, but mostly because I used links2links as a place to put all the stuff that I wanted to put around but was too scared of people coming around and "making fun of it". But later I got bored of acting like that and just say whatever I want on my site, because that's how I want it to be, because it's my site. Anyways, eventually the friend site grew so large, that I changed the name from "the back room" to "links2links" because it felt like the links went to links into links and links everywhere, just like a real website should be, and we had a lot of fun with it back then, so it only seems appropriate to revisit good ol' links2links.

section 0: home

Alright, my friends kinda thought this was funny back then. To get to the site, just answer honestly, and you'll be greeted with the dark ambiance of the back room of dvd3000's website. Well, this was actually part of my site, it wasn't even on a subdomain.

The thing about it being a friend site, was that it wasn't member/site based, there were sections, and any of my friends could add whatever they wanted to the sections.

Now, enter into the old friend site, see what we had up, and see where the sections have gone today.

section 1: comix

Like I said, comix was the first section, in fact, it was the main page back in 2018. It started out with pages for our comics, I was drawing my right is your left, and our group was creating a class newspaper, The Daily Tattletale.

Later, the comics section had other non comic pages added to it like myself and stories, which eventually split off into their own sections. All these sections all revolved just around stuff that me and my friends made, and stuff we thought was funny, and man we had a lot of fun with it back then.

section 2: sfsp

SFSP stands for stories from school's past, and was originally a part of stories. Back when I was in school, the school did a lot of weird, sketchy, and outright psychotic things to me and people I knew, and I did a lot of writing and venting on there, but a lot of it gets more personal than I would like to share online publicly.

But apart from having my life ruined by that place, the funny parts of SFSP were always the best. I wrote about all the funny, stupid things we did as a friend group back then just so I would never forget them. They really were great days. Recently, I've been rewriting the best ones on the textfiles page, so go give them a read, some are just hilarious!

Maybe one day I'll put up the stories of the horrible school I went to, or maybe I won't. It's my website.

section 3: photos

This one is self explanatory. Photos, what do you want? Back then it was just a directory listing that I filled with JPGs. Terrible. I remember sifting through that thing to find what I wanted, since I was the only one who used the photos section, I guess everyone else thought it was too bad to even touch. Eventually I created a decent photo index, and then redid everything for the new photos page on my site.

section 4: myself

I know it's a friend site, but this section was originally a part of comix, because I used it to store a bunch of drawings that I made when I was little, like smashing crayons into paper little. Eventually I started putting other stuff and writings on there, and it grew out of comix and became its own section, which now it's weird that a friend site has a section called "myself" but whatever. They all knew who I was.

section 5: hello gamers

Of course, hello gamers was the first good-net page. The good-net is a little site I made to store all of the joke/prop sites that we made while goofing off in the computer room instead of doing whatever adobe flash example file we were supposed to be doing. At the time, anticapslock.com also existed, but it was a part of hello gamers, so hello gamers was the main link.

Hello gamers was a website that I made in my high school IT class learning HTML. I mean, I already knew HTML, but the class was good fun anyways. Most people in that class had no idea how to even write HTML after the class was over, but I'll write about that another day.

section 6: quotes

The biggest thing that I learned from links2links and my website, is to not care about what others think. I mean, I appreciate messages and stuff, but you know what I mean, I used to worry too much about what other people would think of the things I created, so I just never put them out there, or never made them easy to access or find, just out of fear of hearing some negative message or something, but this way of thinking will never get you anywhere.

I put everything out there and now here we are, well, we haven't got far, but it's better than nothing.

If you got something cool you wanna show the world, but aren't putting it out cause you're worried that people won't like it or aren't gonna see it, just put it out there anyways, and the likeminded people will find you.


05/04/22 - the neverending quest - website

...to finally find a decent layout for the homepage of dvd3000.ca :/

Personal websites have been around since the beginning of the internet, and some people (people who might want freedom of speech and expression online) continue to run and create new personal sites.

One thing that I always noticed, is that most people barely use their websites. Just put up a couple pages and that's it. A good amount of personal websites I see just have a title, and less than 15 links sitting there for all the pages on the site and any other links to other sites. When I first started my website in 2014 in Microsoft Word, I did essentially the same thing.

my website as seen in 2017 (still similar to how it was in 2014)

It worked for a while, but as I kept adding more and more, and my site continued to grow, it quickly outgrew the "just put every link on the homepage" layout that I had. By 2019, I was still running with this layout, and it was getting to the point where I wasn't even able to find stuff on my own website, and I thought "If I can't even find my own stuff, how could anyone else?"

my website in 2019. yea there used to be a lot at the top of the page
the links were below all that stuff

So something had to be done, but as you may know, I have no idea how web design works. My website just had too much stuff to organize in the same way other people's sites were.

My first attempt was in 2019, where I kept all the links on the homepage, but tried to organize them into categories. Over the years, I had gotten attatched to the homepage, as I'd been building onto the same html file and layout since 2014. Eventually as I started adding more content in subpages and making sections for things that wouldn't fit any way else, I knew that the pile of links on the homepage had to go, same with the old homepage in general.

one of my many "possible new design" test sites

In 2020, I attempted to make the homepage an easy to navigate place where you could go through the sections, and see what's new. But it still didn't sit right with me.

I have my own stupid made up rule that the homepage of the site has to be viewable on EVERYTHING. All other pages don't apply, like in the case where this page uses CSS and other styling (although still being 600px wide), I put a goal out for myself to make a decent homepage with NO CSS and only basic, antiquated HTML tags, the most styling being done with tables, all images in either GIF or JPG, and for the page width to be only 600px. The new site layout, while I liked it, just wasn't going to work for me and my made up rules.

my website in oct 2020 (halloween theme), "improved" version

Through late 2020 into mid 2021, I changed and messed around with a improved version of the original link pile homepage, being very similar but showing off new additions to the site at the top, the main sections of the site (computers, television and links) and the rest of the sections being at the bottom. This worked, and helped to keep some clutter off the homepage and the sections made sense enough to navigate easily. But still, I just wasn't pleased with it. The page honestly didn't look that good, it was just really dry looking, and the page was long and clunky to use. In mid 2021 I redid this version of the page, seperating parts of it into different tables, adding more colors for the links and sections, and used tables for the layouts, borders, and text positioning, and after I was done, I looked at it and was... half pleased with the result.

my website in april 2022

I really liked how easy it was to navigate, and the colors helped to make it more interesting and less bland, but something still didn't feel right, I didn't exactly like how the table block sections looked, and it was hard for me to decide where to put stuff, being restricted to 600px wide takes away a lot of potentional multi-column site layouts.

my website as of right now, may 5 2022

Eventually I decided to try messing around with some of the HTML, and came up with this. Of course, this isn't done yet, but for the first time in a long time, I'm really liking the homepage layout.

I moved the big section of sections to a column on the left site, even though I had to sacrifice the section dates and descriptions. Now I had the arguably most important part of the homepage up in full view without having to scroll down, with the welcome and updates sections still up front on the right.

With the newly acquired 130px wide column, it's just wide enough to fit some extra stuff underneath. I put back some stuff that was previously removed from the site, like the homepage DuckDuckGo search box and other site links. I also added in some new stuff like my iMood status and I also finally went and joined the yesterweb webring and added the widget to my site.

So there you have it, my new site layout, barely fitting into a 600 pixel wide space while only using old HTML tags and tables. So if you're bored, try to load this page in Netscape 4 or something, it'll probably work, and if it doesn't then I dunno, cause I'm pleased with what I have right now.

The homepage might look a little different if I could use all of the HTML and CSS that the web has to offer for my advantage, but only for the homepage I have chosen to not do this.

01/31/22 - never be afraid to ask - computers

I go to Value Village a lot. Value Village (aka Savers) is pretty much a massive thrift store where you can find all sorts of cool stuff. They used to sell a lot of computers at this particular store, but I wrote a page on why they don't anymore.

So, I'm going through as always, looking for anything cool. I found some nice old speakers which I then fried by plugging into a PSU with the wrong polarity (at the electrical testing station). Moving on, I found a MiniDisc player/recorder with a horribly leaked battery, a strange box that lets you plug your telephone into USB for "Skype calls"??? Just an ultra cheap and flimsy box that definitley did not have the permission to plaster the Skype logo all over it. I was tempted to buy it, but remembered that it's USELESS.

That's all the stuff I didn't buy, but I ended up buying an Acer Aspire AX1400-E3802 from 2010. A small low profile system with "similar" but worse specs to the E520 in SOME ways. I planned to fix it up a little and possibly use it as a video player or other small PC, not sure yet.

And that was it, but on my way out, I glanced into the back room through where the donation dropoff is. When you drop off at Value Village, your stuff pretty much just gets thrown into the back room of the building to be "sorted". Sorted as in "sell it on auction because it's worth something", "put on the shelves", or "throw it away", and I think that most of the old computers and tech that is donated are unfortunatley tossed out without a chance on the shelves.

And when I walked past, I saw sitting on the floor in the back room, a fricken CRT monitor. 12 years ago, NOBODY would bat an eye at a CRT monitor sitting next to a bin, but right now, CRTs have somehow become retro gold, and you'll be paying through the roof for the monitor AND shipping if you want to buy one on eBay.

The back room of the store is very off limits, but I knew what I had to do, I had to at least try. So I just went on and walked into the back of the store, and said "can I buy that?" as I pointed to the CRT on the floor.

And the lady working in the back just looked at me and...

lady: "you actually want that?"...
me: "ya"
lady: "... um, 10 dollars. Is that ok?"
me: "yeah sure"

And just like that, with 10 less dollars in my pocket, I was now the proud owner of a CRT monitor in 2022.

The monitor in question is a Seanix S-17HM08 (possibly a rebranded Hansol 701P?) from Sep 1999. Seanix Technologies (1986 - 2009) was a PC manufacturer from Richmond, BC, around where I found the monitor.

Currently, the monitor is in the garage with the Windows XP machine, and being a desktop case with the monitor on top, they go quite well together. I was pretty impressed with this monitor, it seems like it was a pretty high end monitor in its day. I normally have it running on the XP machine at 1024x768 @ 75hz, but you can bring it up to 1280x1024, and it can even push 120hz refresh! (at lower resolutions)..Windows 10 pisses itself with this monitor and says its 1hz. lol

It's pretty huge. It's got a 15.5 inch display, but it's got quite the bezel as all CRTs had. It's got a digital control panel and OSD It doesn't even weigh that much, being only...

Overall for 10bux I think this monitor was a pretty good score, and I've been very impressed with its performance. As always, never be afraid to ask. If I didn't ask about it, this monitor would've just been sent to "e-waste" to be shipped to China to be destroyed and burned (rip the environment) + scrapped out for 2 cents of copper. I highly believe in reusing as much as possible, so if you see something heading for the bin, don't ever be afraid to ask if you can have it.

01/01/22 - twenty twenty two - life

And just like that, 2021 is gone, and I hardly knew it. A lot of people I talk to don't care about the New Years. They always go like "what, it's just another year, like who cares? LOL" OKAY, you call ME boring and depressing, why don't YOU cheer up.

The New Years has always been special for me. It feels like a new beginning, refreshing myself and starting new after a year of building stuff up (or bringing it down), and it's not just a day, it's a moment, where you can just look at the ceiling and think.

Sometimes I try and look at things a little differently, and I try to seek out what's different, instead of complaining about what's always the same. It really is just all about how you look at it.

With that being said, it only seems right to have some New Years resolutions. Yknow, the ones you will do for 3 weeks and then forget about, yeah I'm going to lose weight and work out. Just kidding, let's be realistic.

I think I just need to start living a little more. I keep saying that I'm "just not myself" right now, but... what is "myself"?

I'll leave that up to me to figure out.

It's 12:12 on Jan 1, 2022, and I'm sitting in my room waiting for the New Years show that I taped to rewind. It's sort of a tradition that I tape the show on CBC every year.

Before the new year I went out, sat on the patio, and gazed up at the sky as my tablet ran out of battery instantly cause of the cold, and watched the 2 fireworks that went off.

Yep, 2 fireworks. A quiet end to a quiet year. Who knows what 2022 has in store for us, but I'll just be coming along for whatever happens, as boring as this New Years may set it out to be.

In the first 10 minutes of the new year, my VCR's tape ran out because it got wrecked in a lightning storm that messed up the controls and made it impossible to switch to EP mode keeping it stuck in SP forever. My tablet's battery ran out nearly instantly cause of the cold, I hit and cut my leg walking into a cot in the pitch black dark, and doublekiller which I started running a few hours earlier comparing 2 harddrives crashed over a disk I/o error.

It seems all forces were working against me tonight, but really, who cares. The first 10 minutes of the new year mean absolutely nothing for the rest of the year. I'll see how tomorrow works out, and then I'll know wether to panic or not.

Happy New Years guys.

12/30/22 - i'll remember - life

I just spent the last 40 minutes looking for a notebook of mine that has a bunch of drawings, designs, sketches, notes, ideas, layouts and furry p*rn in it (jk), and I was getting to the end of my rope trying to find that thing. I was about to... get a blank piece of paper... and draw on it instead. But NO. Writing on loose pieces of paper SUCKS. YOU NEED A NOTEBOOK. Any man with a notebook holds it dear to his heart. I'm bound to my notebook, we need to be together. AND NO YOU CAN'T SEE WHAT'S INSIDE IT.

I tore apart my room trying to find it. It normally lives on my headboard of my bed, but it often drifts off to my desk, on the floor, and in the closet, with all of my computing shenanigans.

I got an idea, and despite being on my computer which has a notes app on it, I prefer writing in my notebook, so I casually reach over on my headboard... but it wasn't there. So, mildly irritated, I get out of bed, and glance across my desk, notebook unseen. I dig through the drawer under my desk, sometimes it ends up in there. Nope.

When I'm working on my computer stuff on the floor, my notebook often ends up with my computer stuff on the floor. Nope. Perhaps it drifted into the closet. My idea of cleaning up is pushing all the computer junk on the floor back into the closet, so sometimes my notebook ends up in there. Nada.

So I put on my coat, and walk downstairs into the garage. Sometimes I leave it on the workbench when I'm doing stuff there. I avoided turning on the garage lights, as that would result in every house on the block being illuminated from the sheer amount of light that the artificial sun we built in our garage puts out. So I grabbed a flashlight, and scanned the counter. Nothing except many notebooks and pieces of paper that look like my notebook.

Defeated, I went back to my room, and plopped down on my bed. I thought about it, where else could it POSSIBLY be. Sometimes, things just slip into the ether. When I was 6, I lost my toy cell phone in this house, and to this day, it has still never presented itself. One day, I looked everywhere for my precious tuque, but alas, I gave up. It just so happened that 3 days later I would decide to vacuum under my bed, and when I pulled off my mattress, there lied my tuque in a pile of dust bunnies. HOW did it get there? We may never know.

Things started to run through my mind, and a vision started coming into sight. I remembered writing something in it with a sharpie on my bed. When have I ever done that? Oh yeah, when I made the freetop Christmas special! In that video, which I filmed on the end of my bed, I used my notebook as "Santa's naughty list". I scanned the area around where I filmed the video, but nothing. Until I got an idea.

I went back to my desk, pulled my camera off its tripod adapter, opened it's door, yanked out the SD card and jammed it into my MacBook which has an SD card reader built in with no adapters needed. Kiss my ass, modern Apple users.

Anyways, I went through the files and reviewed the footage. Many times in the filming process, I left the camera running while I was setting up the scenes, so I skipped through the files until I got around the scene where I used the notebook. When I started switching to the next scene, I watched myself grab the notebook, and put it outside of the camera view, followed by a (thock) sound of it being placed on something. There is always stuff on the floor at the end of my bed, but it gets moved around a lot. At the time, in the back was a stack of shoeboxes and other stuff, and I think the noise was the book being placed on a cardboard box.

The boxes were no longer there, but I'd moved them into my closet. I looked at the video, and recognized one of the boxes in the stack. I went into my closet, saw the box, and lifted it up. Nothing. But I reached down and lifted up the box under it, and there it was, sandwiched between 2 cardboard boxes that I wasn't planning on touching for the next 6 months, was my notebook.

It's how it goes, we as people do stuff. We do so much stuff, that we end up doing stuff without even thinking about it, like putting important things down in stupid, unusual places, then forgetting about them.

I was at my Dad's Friend's house, and we were trying to install air bags on the rear wheels of my Dad's truck. The operation was a success, but in the process, we lost the brackets that actually hold them in. And trust me, we looked EVERYwhere for them, before spending over an hour ruining hacksaw blades by cutting a random piece of metal to make new brackets. Turns out the whole time, the real brackets were sitting on the fence in his backyard. You got them in your hand, you get an idea, put them down and think "I'll remember".

You won't.

12/18/21 - a dvd3000 christmas - website, life

And just like that, 2021 is coming to a close. Man, that was quick. From my view, it was a pretty OK year.
I find it funny when I ask people about years. For me, 2019 was just a horrible year, but it was all personal problems.
I don't like to talk about what happened, and still haven't told anyone about it all, but I say to people "oh yeah 2019 was a bad year" and everyone's like "yeah 2019 sucked". I can say that literally any recent year is bad, and everyone will respond "oh yeah (blank) was an awful year".

I don't know, maybe life just is that bad, but as I move along, I try to do my best to focus on the good things instead of obsessing over the bad things, cause it's really all about how you look at it.
I set up the Christmas tree today. Well our tree is a bit more of a "Christmas fake front porch bush" than a tree. You can tell that I set it up because, well...

That cute little rascal of a dog lives here.

And of course, as I did in 2018, 2019 and 2020, I decked out my room for Christmas again.

Yes, this is where DVD3000 computes.

And again, I've been poking at my little old website a bit more in the past couple of months. I tend to disappear from the internet every other year, so it's pretty normal to have a huge gap in updates, then many updates again.

My disappearance isn't a challenge or anything, I just do it automatically. Of course, I consume content on the internet every day, but I really only put out what I want to. I don't do any of this for attention or fake internet points, I just put out the content that I want to share, even if it sucks.

Maybe it's an introvert thing or something and I just need to cool down because I don't like attention. I don't know.

10/06/21 - homepage update - website

Changed up the home page of the site a little bit, sorta broke the page into different sections instead of just being a big wall of text, and used more tables to line things up. I'm not sure if it'll still render properly on old browsers, but if not, the old homepage is still here

I know it's been a long time since I added a real new page to the site, but turst me, there are incomplete pages in the works that are still being slowly worked on, as well as some finished stuff that I just haven't uploaded for some reason. Stay tuned, and enjoy the new layout for now!

06/22/21 - i'm here! - website

I know I haven't updated the site a lot recently. This happens all the time. There's always a gap in site updates every year just because I like taking breaks, I suppose. I'll try to update some of the computer pages soon, and maybe even try to make some more videos soon. We'll see how things turn out, but I'm telling you I'd never abandon this site.

Anyways, happy 6/22!

05/11/21 - [comp] i'm here! - website

Well, I think I'm back..? I haven't updated the site in a while, but I've been poking away at a few pages recently, updating a few older ones, and there's many new ones to be written soon. Just haven't really had the steam, or the ideas to do much with the site recently.

Oh well, I'll just keep poking away at things on this site. I've been working on updating a few older pages, as well as finishing the pages on the "my computers" section. Also I will create a page on my next main computer when I get around to building that, but I'll do that later because screw computer prices right now.

04/10/21 - i'd rather be thrifting - local

I'm probably going to go out and dig through the thrift store again. I heard about Free Geek Vancouver from someone online, and looking it up, I'm gonna have to give that place a shot for finding some slightly outdated computer junk like this. The Coquitlam Value Village doesn't seem to stock computers anymore, after some guy kept coming around and breaking the CPU coolers off the boards and stealing the CPUs out of every computer he could get his grubby hands on, so my biggest place to find computers isn't gonna work for me anymore.

Speaking of digging, it's that time of year again -- what WOULD be Spring Cleaning, if my town didn't ruin it because of COOOVID. For this year they set up this "Large Item Pickup" thing in place of SC, apparently it's similar but there's a limit on what you can put out or something. I'm probably just going to stop by the dumpster at my old elementary school again. Schools throw out cool things all the time, so I'm gonna have to go there again. (I remember in 2015 they threw out so many PII machines and CRTs. I wish I grabbed one back then)

03/06/21 - where are u? - local

So, where have I been? Well, there's a whole thing going on with shipping (STILL), but while most people are getting along fine with their eBay shipments, we have a bit more of a weird setup going on. Most eBay listings that we buy are in the USA, and it's VERY expensive to ship them into Canada, if that's even an option, but we live so close to the US border, that it's cheaper and easier to send eBay shipments to a PO box in the US. Well, do you see the problem with that? The border has been closed... for a year.

The shipping centre we use in the US has so many Canadian customers, that they actually set up a service where they will put all your (reasonably sized) packages in one huge box, and ship it to your house. Other than the fact that it's VERY expensive, we have not heard back from the shipping centre since November of 2020, so the status is sort of unknown.

I have many webpages planned, but most of it would involve computer parts that I don't currently have because they're in a different country. I have no clue when I will be able to get anything I've bought on eBay in the past 4, and almost 5 months, but ohhhh boyyyy when I get that stuff it's going to be a REAL massive tech lot. Stay tuned...

> EDIT 03/13/21

We actually have heard back from the shipping centre with pictures of a PALLET full of boxes and shipments from the past 4 months. It would be VERY expensive to ship it into Canada, but there aren't many options at all. Nobody REALLY knows when the border will open. They always SAY Mar 21, and then to Apr 21 and on and on, but even if the border did open, we'd have to quarantine and all that, I'm just not sure at all how this is going to go down. I CANNOT BELEIVE that we are still dealing with stuff like this after a full YEAR.

Hey, we'll get it eventually, and it'll feel like Christmas in March (or april or whatever)

01/15/21 - thanks! - website

There goes the Christmas theme. I'd like to say thanks to the new visitors of the site recently, and huge thanks to the people who've linked to my site, and send very nice emails to me. I hope everyone has a good 2021, even though it seems we're somehow already off to a rough start. There's going to be lots of new pages coming out soon on retro and modern tech coming out soon, so make sure you check back to dvd3000.ca

01/04/21 - twenty twenty one updates - website

So, looks live we've reached the new year! "wheee". Now you'd better behave, 2021!

Many new pages should be coming out within this month, but if our PO box service is going to hold our packages hostage any longer, it might be next month D: Oh well, what can you do?

Lots of traffic on the Adobe Flash archives recently, for obvious reasons. RIP Flash, you will be missed.

Of course, the release of the stuffspace mirror for the Flash archives didn't make the deadline of Dec 31. You might notice newer Flash versions get up to 400MB per version, and I'm not sure the stuffspace server will be able to handle this. I don't remember if 000webhost cut server sizes down to 10GB or if my server is still 100GB. It'll be done folks! Just have some patience.

05/21/20 - dvd3000.ca! - website

After only 7 years of this site's life, I am finally set up at an actual domain name. Please update my old domains.

08/04/19 - cww updates soon - website

In a while I'm going to be adding to the Original Windows Wallpaper section. Expect some cool new things there soon!

02/01/19 - the notepad return - website

The "Latest News" for January 24 said that some things were happening. I think I can continue this here:

This website has been through many wysiwyg website creators like Actual Drawing, MS Word 2000, MS Expression Web and Kompozer.
Those programs make creating websites easy, but sometimes they create bad and messy code that is sometimes not anybrowser compatible!!!
Ehh... it worked pretty well but especially MS Word really messed up on HTML and that had to all be cleaned up.

I think that writing and learning your on HTML is more fun, less messy, more compatible and is not that hard to do.
I found a program called "DerekWare HTML Author" on an old floppy disk. It works pretty well, and gives you shortcuts for things like text decoration!!!
That's a lot of tags... Hey!! there could be more!

01/24/19 - cleaning up a little - website

Happy New Year 2019!! Umm... its been a while since the last Latest News.. I cleaned up my website! It looks the same but I cleaned up the HTML and the directories

05/16/18 - the broken links - website

I've just gone over the links on the old link section. I never checked it, I just keep adding to it. So all websites that look like This and not like This do not exist anymore. I added archive.org links for your convenience.

02/12/17 - browser support - website

I got my website to work on an old version of the Opera Internet browser. Version 5.

01/10/17 - youtube pages! - website

On the site I added a "YouTube Pages" link in the "Webiste Links" Category on the homepage. Here you can find more info of the video and other stuff

01/05/17 - twenty seventeen - website

This website is being worked on and will become more way more useful. by the way,
        Happy New Year 2017!

12/18/16 - new youtube videos! - website

Computer How-To videos are back! On those videos I am doing some video editing. The ordinary computer videos will still not have editing.

08/03/16 - prepare for filming - local, youtube

Recently a house has been demolished and I got it on video! it will be uploaded as soon as I CAN GET IT OFF THE PHONE!!!!!! but some parts of the video look kind of wierd cause at first i was holding the phone upwards witch puts bars on the side. the i turned it so its widescreen. then when the phone ran out of battery i FINALLY found my camera after soooo long and it had low batter so after like 10 minutes it stopped...

04/18/16 - light sites - website

some people might wonder why my website is so lightweight? well i want anyone to have a speedy experience here. most websites today run very slowly, and i only have 3mbps internet on my computer

03/25/16 - new youtube vids soon - youtube

Sorry for the lack of videos, i have things to do and im running out of time for a project. I am going to upload some of the videos i already make soon.I'm working on a video called "A Complete Guide To Windows xp. Yes if you look at it it's xp not XP.

03/19/16 - design updates - website

The website really changed go take a look at Page-Archive! The website is much more convinient! i added buttons for easy accsess, I really Changed the desing as you can see! What is page archive? it's a place where i save my websites there when there updated. and you can go to diffrent times to see the diffrences!

02/27/16 - new site design! - website

sorry if the images or text may be screwy. i might find a way around it soon! And no matter what Actual Drawing makes the images or text go bonkers!

And yes i was being lazy with the buttons and made them by shrinking the top banner. now i think that the button on the side would look better the other way around. like the border as the button and the button as the border but, too late it's already been done and i'm to lazy to change it like that, but i think it's harder to type than to do that but whatever. what needs to be done needs to be done.

The Wayback machine does not want to display any images witch is why i'm using standard text instead of images. anyway standard text looks better. it's more clear. but the background must be this color or else it looks derp.

The wayback machine is a cool website, a long tome ago when i was playing around with actual drawing i attempted to make something called "oldweb" where you could look at old versions of the website, but however that turned out to be a complete and total faliure. so you can look at this website on the wayback machine. evreytime i do a change to the website, i'll save it (if i remember) :) the links to the wayback machine and actual drawing are in the about section
about me

i'm dvd3000 and this website is my little home on the net. i post here every once in a while about whatever thing i'm thinking of, working on or messing about with.

if you poke around a little you can always find a little more about me

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  • 04/13/22
  • So we were out picking up a singular sheet of plywood a while ago, and we just layed it down in the back of the truck and drove off. I joked about the wind picking up under it and launching it into the windshield of the car behind us, but I realised that these days, a peice of plywood flying into your car is probably a good thing, a WHOLE SHEET of plywood, you can sell that for like $100!

  • 04/11/22
  • I had joked before about the most effective car horn. You know Friday the dog? He's a 6 year old 5 pound Morkie who's bark sounds like constant repeating nails on a chalkboard and I said that if you modded a car horn to make Friday's bark sounds, it would be the most effective car horn ever created. Imagine you're blocked up in traffic for whatever reason, with enough Friday car horn, within minutes, NOBODY would want to be spending any time around your vehicle and would be fleeing for places to get away from you. Problem solved.

  • 04/07/22
  • Ok I drink a ton of water alright, water is genuinely the best thing ever it t a s t e s good. When I need to drink water I have 2 Contigo autoseal water bottles that are super good. I just spilled my alternate water bottle (manna bottle) over on my desk (at least not on my computer). This is the first time ive spilled water in YEARS. The contigo autoseal technology is the most genius thing ever made cause when you knock over your water bottle onto your computer instead of splashing water onto it it goes like "whirrr, (closing sound) protecting.." And bam the day is saved. What in the world what is this the 1800s im drinking out of a bottle with this huge gaping hole on the top of it stupid design stop guys.

  • 03/11/22
  • Why when im installing windows 10 (never do this) im going through the stupidest OOBE ever and its like "connect to the internet bro dude lets get you connected" and really shows me a list of NO NETWORKS to connect to and im like CALM DOWN BITCH I haven't even installed the network drivers!! And they go all like "dudeee cmonnn are u sureee you want to continue without internet yknow if you're on the internet we can track you can give you Kool Microsoft edge you need it!!!!!FUCKOFF

  • 02/25/22
  • I dropped my macbook today. Thankfully it is a MacBook Pro and not a MacBook Air which would have folded in on itself.

    I tripped over the charging cord. Wait, isn't MagSafe supposed to prevent this? Well, I tripped on it the wrong way, so instead of the cord pulling away from the system, it was pulling towards it, and while I was looking ahead of me, it was in the process of falling on the ground. I didn't see it land and have still no idea where the impact was. There are so many dents and scratches on my macbook that it pretty much looks exactly the same. Well, at least the hinge didn't even get any worse!

    At the time, my 2TB external HDD was plugged into it, and I don't know how to explain how this happened, but by some sort of miracle, when my macbook fell, the USB cable unplugged from the HDD end and the drive stayed right where it was on the table. I cannot explain this. It's a tiny little laptop drive enclosure that doesn't even have rubber feet, or weight or anything.

    These old 2010 macbook pros were really built to last. Any modern apple cellphone would be a brick through normal usage by the time it's 12 years old, yet this laptop is 12 years old, and has been banged around throughout all those years, and it not only still works, but it still works just fine even in 2022 with a simple RAM and SSD upgrade.

  • 02/22/22
  • happy 2sday

  • 02/15/22
  • is it normal that it seems that every day some sort of unavoidable magic force seems to just get me to happen to glance over at the clock while it's 11:34 which looks like "hell" upside down. Literally every single day, without fail. At least once a day either in the AM or PM. okay, okay, I get where I'm going when I die, you don't need to rub it in my face that much. is this something that happens to anyone else???


  • 02/14/22
  • laying on my bed not doing anything else, just laying there, looking at the ceiling and thinking about stuff

  • 02/11/22
  • i saw this kid punch a sweettart and his hand started bleeding. he was like "ow these are strong... wtf my hand is bleeding"

  • 02/07/22
  • the lady across the street just sold her house
    it has absolutely nothing to do with the artificial sun that we created in our garage. a few months ago we replaced the 3 incandescent light bulbs in the garage with LED shop lighting, so much of it in fact, that most of the time half of them are off. otherwise it drowns out everything and you can see so much that its hard to see. there are no shadows, and when you close your eyes you can still see the LED strips in your vision. it's awesome.
    we asked her if she'd seen the new lights in the garage at some point, and she replied with "yeah, they shine into my bedroom at night"
    i felt terrible

  • 02/06/22
  • we need a new front door mat
    and i was thinking that we should get a white shag kinda carpet that carpet that absolutely everything sticks to but only put it out when we have visitors so when they come in they have no choice but to step on a pristene white carpet with dirty shoes and I'm just going to look at them like "dude, dude cmon seriously man" and they'll have to feel terrible

  • 01/25/22
  • youtube just changed it so that you don't get a main home page if you have your watch history turned off, and they've been constantly bugging me in the past to "turn on watch history to get better recommendations" why are they doing this? are they just trying to make it seem like watch history actually means something and that they don't already log every video you watch seperatley from "watch history"? I've had my watch history turned off for years, and my reccomendations have always been ok until now? youtube watch history doesn't mean anything. they're just trying to make it seem like clearing your history or deleting a video ACTUALLY deletes it. what the hell is going on???

  • 01/20/22
  • i never actually try to write these things, they just come out of my head.
    actually quite a few things come out of my head

  • 01/19/22
  • dvd3000s corner of the net
    i wonder what shape the internet is. probably a really messed up one with the sort of stuff you see on here.
    there seems to be a lot of corners in whatever shape this is
    this ones mine though

  • 01/18/22
  • you know those breakfast in bed food holders that you can get if youre that lazy? there used to be one of those in our house and the best part about it was a ledge thing that saved your ass every single time you're readjusting yourself and your chips and water bottle would otherwise go and fall off into your bed. cause you know when you put your chips on the table, then you readjust yourself and the chip bowl falls onto the bed, and so you pick up the chips but now theres gonna be chip crumbs on your bed so you get up and wipe them off but theyll still be there when you lay back down cause they all stuck to your back

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