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cliffy on textwall - the links keep the internet together
parts of this list is created since 2014, in an ever changing landscape of the internet, some links may have changed, broken, or just disappeared

the web is dying a slow painful death
it doesn't have to be this way!
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WinFiles - Files from the WINFILES.COM CD-ROM
Old Apps - An archive of previous versions of popular programs
Windows 3.1 Files - Many programs and utilities for Windows 3.1 users
Dark Corner BBS - DOS-Win31 era BBS archive, programs, music, code etc
WinSite March 1996 - Mirror of WinSite Mar 96
Windows95 December 1996 - Mirror of Dec 96 directory - The massive archive of software compilations on CD-ROM
IBM Gopher - DOS era Gopher archive
EKN Midi's - A lot of MIDI files to listen to
Windows 6 Disk - Windows 3.1-95 era software, files etc
Cave BBS - The Cave BBS archive, dos, win31, amiga etc

Useful/Utilities weather - a simple text based page with up to date local weather listings
68k news - Google News formatted in basic HTML (for old browsers)
FrogFind - An HTML 2.0 Compliant search engine, parses pages down to basic text

Blog / Interest
The "Wow" Effect - a blog showcasing skeuomorphic design throughout the 2010's

Just 4 Fun!
The Corporation - welcome to [the corporation] creating fresh, modern humor product
Windows Gone Bad - Windows breaking in spectacular ways
Abandoned Sites - "one day, one night, I will abandon this site and let it sit forever"
zz Cat's home page - A seemingly totally innocent webpage
Computer Stupidities - The best tales from tech support (from
Fake Update - Pull a funny on your friends with this one
SF FogCam (fogcam lives!) - The longest running live webcam! - Let's bring back the fun internet
Stuff I Chopped - bring me anything and I'll chop it
SkiFree Homepage - the most officialest homepage for the dumb little skiing game!

Comp/Tek Resources
Wayback Machine - Thank you to preserving the web as we know it
The 386 Experience - Resources, downloads and info for older DOS machines
GifCities - The GeoCities GIF search engine. A masterpeice of HTML
95 Is Alive - Downloads, resources and info on good ol' Windows 95
Deja Vu - A historic page on the history of the early web
Lynx Web Buttons - 88x31 buttons for showing off your compatibility with text browser
404PageFound! - A list of some very old websites that are still around
Lynx Web Browser - A textmode web browser. No images, scripts or eye candy. TEXT!
Mozilla/Firefox Resources - For the objectivley superior browser blog - Amazing tech restorations and projects from retrohax.
DOS GAME CLUB - A monthly podcast talking about DOS games.
The Impulse Project - A podcast talking about and listening to retro computer gen music
Planet PB - Resources and info on frog era Packard Bell systems
TULARC/pc - resources, manuals and all sorts of documentation for PC hardware.
The Red Hill Guide - A look back at hardware history from a early 90s computer shop.
you get signal Network Tools - useful online network related utilities
Razorback - An infrastructure for old computers in modern day. Pay this site a visit, it's great.
Flashing Cursor - DOS and Windows resources and utilities
Hirens Useful DOS Files - many useful DOS utilities and drivers from - hard to find drivers, useful files, antivirus tools, and some humor pages.
Floodgap Systems - Computer research, software, services, archives and services
Retro Roadshow - Retro Roadshow, now hosted from a real NEXT workstation!
CW Cyrix - A huge archive of rare files, mirrors and computer related documents
How to bake a motherboard - informative page on reviving computer parts in the oven
Matthieu Benoit electrical engineering - EE and computer hardware resources
Jerry Ching - A huge software archive and personal pages
otvdm - Installer for OTVDM, run 16bit apps in 64bit Windows
Xenu's Link Sleuth - easily report broken links on any page
Dependency Injection - an interesting blog on the topic of CPUs
MDGx - The massive, over 30 year+ site of Windows and DOS tips, tricks, downloads, resources and more
Unix Rosetta Stone - Quick guide for commands across different unix based operating system
Personal Sites
Somnolescent - a very cool web group of creative friends, all kinds of cool stuff to see!
Neocities - A revival of GeoCities for you to carve out your own site from raw HTML
Pyro's Homepage - Awesomely cluttered homepage full of cool stuff and links
Brad Greco - Useful utilities, programs and stuff. It's a personal site what can I say?
evergreen - cool looking text themed homepage, nice writings and art
Music Curios And More - Some interesting music, MIDIs etc.
Toasty Tech - Computers and very strong opinions. Home of the GUI Gallery and IE is EVIL
Platypus Comix - Comics and a monthly article usually on television or something pop culture
Fluffy's World Art and stories by Fluffy
Mossman's Homiepage - a lotta really cute art and pixel things!
107521712 - personal site full of interesting writings, and a really cool style.
VERTPUSH - lotsa cute drawings n art! also writing corner and some html stuff
Merelene's Home Page A very 90s site, featuring Java examples and GIFs
Martyn's Home Page - A variety, including DIY, adventures, and obliterating AOL CDs
Amby's Directory of Resources Web development resources... and animals!
justin's links - Known to the internet as one of the first blogs ever. Potpourri A bunch of stuff. DIY work, photography, animals.
57296 - a whole lot of articles on various projects and diy things
BENO UK lifts, trains, buildings, explorations/urbex and some games!
billwurtz - billwurtz
The hoary ape - text, photos and irritating buttons
LCTN Humor Pages - Lots of text files that were shared around for a good laugh
RinkWorks Entertainment - Various commuity submitted pages, stories ect, monthly games.
Zohan Gzz - Archives of old programs and ads, text files, photos, a blog and more...
Edward Mendelson - Computer related pages, emulation, utilities, etc + personal

Razorback Legacy HTML Tutorial - learn to make websites that will load on even a 486!
Publish Yo' Self - Old school HTML tutorials, and tips for publishing on the web.
w3schools - HTML, CSS and JS resources and documentation for web creation
javascript & DHTML effects - lot of cool javascript site effects you can add to your site!
Cuter Counter - A free web counter (like the one on my homepage)
Ahrefs Backlink search - find out who links to your site! (i've seen many cool sites here!) site test GUI - easily click through links for different site checking utilities
This Page is Designed to Last - manifesto for preserving web content
Archived Wordpress Themes - One of the only places to find actually good Wordpress themes
Web Design Museum - A showcase of old web design themes from the beginning of the web to the 2010's, great for design inspiration!
Rotten1Rainbow508 - Personal site with a lot of graphics tutorials and HTML stuff
Comix & Toons
Homestar Runner - The adventures of Homestar and the gang of silly animal characters
The Fuzzy Princess
Through The Window
they can talk
Petiva's World!
Count Your Sheep
Kid Radd
Meat Comic

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