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So I've already said before that my site doesn't exactly look like something from the 2020's, but that's because it's my own website. I know we live in a modern internet of social media garbage, controlled by large billion dollar corporations with advertising, tracking and data collection, all that good stuff! I've always disliked social media, not only how pointless and/or toxic most of them are, but also that in social media you are confined to someone else's designs, ideas, and everything. Free expression and free speech doesn't exist on social media.

What originally got me to start this site back in 2014 was that no social media offered the environment that I was looking for. On your own site you are truly free to write whatever you want, organize it however you want and design whatever you want, and boy have I had some fun designing this place.

All of the 600+ and counting pages on this site were handwritten by me in Notepad (probably), and writing your own HTML means that you have full control over every single aspect of it.

I've gone over some of my designs in web accessibility with 600px view and using old HTML + CSS for compatibility, which is a design method that I like to call "Dual HTML"… or something, but if you wanna read about making your site viewable on almost anything while still looking decent, you can read my page on browser accessibility, but here, this page is just to talk about (and explain why) I design my site like this.

On social media, you can write something incredible, but it's still confined to a plain text box, that's all, and I see so many websites that might as well be just boring social media pages with how bland they are. Just a another boring ol' WordPress site, no style, no character to it. And every page you click through looks the same.

Well, some might call that continuity, but I call it boring!

For example, the section pages of my site are the most styled to what the section is about. On the main page, and on the section pages are mostly where I use my method of "Dual HTML". I like to have the page look like it revolves all around the subject.

On HTML, you can style a page with backgrounds, colours, fonts, even add in little images wherever you want, you have full creative freedom over your environment. I mostly just style the main page and sections, I usually leave the individual pages mostly just simple HTML, but there are exceptions sometimes. I know that when you're clicking around my site, some of the pages look so different you might be wondering if you're even still on the same site, but that's what my design is all about. Styling the pages to be unique and different is what keeps it interesting! (And also that since these pages are handwritten, it would be a pain in the ass to keep a continuous same design if I wanted to change it, lol.)

So that's just something to think about, in our modern, stale word of the web, try to stand out, make something different, learn HTML and let your imagination run wild and express yourself how you've always wanted to on the web.

Because a better internet is possible.

So make your own site. NOW!


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this is my website! and where I've been collecting my internet happenings off and on since 2014.

just come on in and make yourself at home, and don't mind the mess..

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