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my bedroom

nov 6 2021

so this is my desk and tv stand, sort of the face of my room since it's the first thing you see when you walk in. as you can see my desk is covered with garbage as it normally is.

(left pic) the monitor on the right is actually one of those crap all-in-one acer things, an acer aspire z3-705. to give you a quick idea its got a core i3 5005u, 8gb ddr3 ram, intel hd graphics 5500, and a 1tb mechanical hdd.

the monitor on the left is connected to the dell dimension e520, which is my secondary PC. It's a DVI monitor, but I don't have the HDMI-DVI adapter right now to use it as a secondary display for my main pc.

(right pic) I also have an old CRT tv setup. The TV is a Philco P1324C R102 from 1995. A very basic and was probably pretty cheap even in its day. I don't just have it for the "ohh retro gamign guiys", I actually watch TV on this... in 2021.

How, you may ask? Over the air with a DTV converison box. Yes, analog OTA is long gone, but digital OTA is alive and well, and pretty unheard of. You can get local channels in crystal clear quality for free, as long as you have a decent antenna (which I don't). You can also see in the photo I have a VCR (an old JVC Sears one), a DVD player, a composite video switchbox, and season 7 of south park.

(left pic) here you can see in the lower cabinet of the tv stand. my movies and dvds, as well as another VCR. I don't remember the model number. It's a later Sony model with the flash rewind and stuff. I use this as my new digitization VCR (vhs to dvd/videofiles) since my old JVC Sears one was getting pretty worn out. Along the side are Blank CDs and DVDs, and behind is a box of cables, which have managed to sort of mold together into one giant unfixable ball.
You might've also noticed the game cartridges which I have no consoles for (I found them on spring cleaning), and the Eggo box was previously used as a shelf above the VCR. (just so you don't go off wondering why I have this stuff)

(right pic) you can also see my grandma's dog, Friday. Awww... so useless.
I mean uh-.. and behind him is my "test bench" (which I failed to take a proper photo of). Yes, my test bench is just a monitor, mouse and keyboard on the floor, and I just hook up computers, and then break my back sitting on the floor when I need to use them. When I took this photo, the Windows XP machine was sitting under the monitor, and the case for my new PC was on the left side.

And now, into the coolest/most full part of my room: the closet
Now this towering pile of shoeboxes is the "Hopefully Not Leaning Tower of DVD3000", because if it starts leaning we are going to have a problem. The boxes are mostly filled with random cables, adapters, parts, bits, fans, heatsinks, pci cards, ribbons, pheripherals, cables and mice. There's probably even a real mouse in here somewhere!

Taped to the wall is my macOS "fan view" of floppy disks, aka the "floppy disk rainbow" (didn't have enough colors for the rainbow) The clifford thing is somethings I cut out of a magazine years ago and never threw away. It seemed relevant to put it up since I'm "emily from clifford pls".

To the left of the leaning tower is even more boxes which you can't see, including stacks of d-link router boxes, a sealed copy of CorelDraw 3, and my boxed copies of Windows XP Professional and Windows 98 Gold.

To the right of the leaning tower are the overflow of my optical drives (I have so many), on top of which rests "the tower of power" which is literally a tower of power supplies. It was just an excuse to put "tower" and "power" in the same cool name, but I also didn't have anywhere else to put them.

(left pic) I'm still kind of proud of how I set this up and "organized" it. The shelves are just sideways office crates, like those things you put file folders in. Just tip 'em on their sides, put cardboard on the bottoms, stack them up and you got quick and simple shelves.

You can see I have a... different way of storing expansion cards. Just piled on top of each other in a sideways box. This is just so I can easily see immediatly what card I need and I can just pull it out, instead of sifting through a giant box of these things.

I just store cool stuff on top. On the left you can barely see my Quantum 80AT, an 80MB IDE hard drive that STILL WORKS. You can also see my VHS copy of "Michael", the floppy disks from my Grandma's 486, a Slot 1 Pentium 3 processor, and just some other random junk. In the right side box, I just have some cables, parts and useful things there, as well as my floppy drives, with my RAM boxes on top of them.

(right pic) In the middle box, is all of my hard drives. I'm not sure if this is a safe way to store them, but I've seen far worse, so I'll leave it for now. You can see I have them labelled on the backs, so I can immediatley find the drive I'm looking for, and easily pull it out without worrying about destabalizing a pile of disks. I keep the older drives at the back, and you can see how a lot of the older drives have totally different case designs from each other. I really find old drives interesting!! I also keep some old double height drives in my overflow that you can see in the bottom right of the left pic.

To the right of my main hard drive box are my some of my floppy disks. Yes, right next to hard drives with magnets. Haven't lost any data yet! They just fit so perfectly together in the cabinet!!! Most of my disks are on the top shelf of my closet. (I have a lot of disks)

On the top shelf is actually mostly... empty boxes. Yeah. I don't even collapse them or anything. Sometimes you just need a box right away, so there they are. The metal tray was the panel of an old security system, which mostly holds metal case pieces and other junk. To the right is a pile of stuff. Displays, motherboard boxes, and even a motherboard! A Slot 1 Server motherboard from Tyan Computer Corp. I had huge plans for this thing, but it ended up not working. Not sure where it came from, but it's been a bit trashed. The previous owner attempted to fix it (there's lots of patch wires to fix the scratched and damaged traces), but I couldn't get it to boot. When I plug in the PSU, a light turns on, the fans spin and nothing else.

(left pic) In the bottom crate are my optical drives, and above them are my overflow of HDDs. The 2 ones on the right are Micropolis 2217As, 1.6GB IDE HDDs from 1993! Very interesting drives from a historical standpoint. (Yes, IDE. Not SCSI! Not sure what these were originally used in, as the IDE variant was very unpopular at the time)
Lined up on the floor are most of my laptops. The classic Dell Latitude c600, A diassembled Compaq Armada M700, The screen from a Lenovo, A Toshiba Satellite a100, the bottom half of my Lenovo G575, and the thicc boi at the end is A Compaq Presario 1610.

(right pic) This is unfortunatley where the computers live for now. As you can see they've piled up quite a bit. When I move my stuff into the garage, I'll make a page on all of my computers. Didn't want to start pulling them out for a photo today, but you can see the Surrogate machine on the left, which is a Core2 Quad system doing HDMI and composite video capture right now. On the right is The Minecraft Machine IIx which is my DOS machine in my custom blue painted case.

Very soon all of this stuff will be moved into the garage, so I created this page to mark the end of an era of my bedroom computing.

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