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it came from...
the thrift store

I go to the thrift store a lot. I mean, a lot.
value village is one of the best out there. it's pretty much just a giant warehouse with anything you might need, and don't need.

for someone like me, a saver, scavenger, and treasure hunter, it's my favourite place to shop.
shopping is boring except for ebay, and thrift stores (ebay is more window shopping since it's prohibitivley expensive)

you could be saving a lot of money by thrifting

i could sell retro tech on ebay for $hundreds of dollars
but i am not evil


if you're into tech stuff, one thing to be on the lookout for is motherboard boxes. oftentimes when someone builds a PC, or upgrades their PC build, they'll put many old or spare components in the motherboard box. of course, the box might have a motherboard in it, but either way, it's cool.

popped open a motherboard box, and inside is:
a geforce gts 450 1gb gpu, 8x4gb ddr2 ram, 3 sata cables, an e-sata bracket, a usb bracket, 1 ide cable, 1 cd audio cable, a 4 port via pci usb card, a lga775 cooler, and an sli cable. all older, but still decent hardware, and I bought the whole box for $14. all useful things to have, and the gpu is decent!

other stuff I bought that day outside that box, was a matsushita lf-1094 scsi cd-rom/pd-r drive from aug 1995. a very old, and scsi cd drive was a pretty cool find. got it for just $5.

lastly, not pictured on the table here, because I taped it to my computer monitor, was a logitech 720p webcam. I got it for $5, and you can currently buy it from logitech for $40! i don't use webcam all that much, but it has a fairly nice microphone.

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