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04/16/23 - Spring Cleaning 2023 - no car required!
10/31/22 - Halloween 2022 - a half decent halloween display in a pinch
03/29/22 - Spring Cleaning 2022 - we're back baby!
01/01/22 - New Years 2022 - a shitty start to a shitty year
12/18/22 - Christmas 2021 - or, at least what I get up to
03/31/22 - Spring Cleaning 2019 - the NES motherlode

04/30/23 - Redeveloping Landmarks
01/30/23 - wall breakers - when 2 old ladies destroyed a wall in front of my house
04/05/23 - recycled firelog - lighting paper on fire with extra steps
08/11/22 - the roblox username update - IT'S STUPID!!!!
06/20/22 - water - the best drink you never have
01/31/22 - never be afraid to ask - don't be shy to save something from landfill
11/12/20 - Windows 10 - I can't believe they really did it
10/14/20 - The Internet - more 'bout that in about the site
04/13/20 - Converting OLD MCPE worlds to Java - BEFORE bedrock
01/12/20 - the monstrosity house - the worst house ever built
12/27/19 - blank VHS cover art - was kinda beautiful
11/13/19 - adverts (OLD) - your advertisements make me not want to buy your product.
11/12/19 - Interactive voice response - I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that.

11/30/22 - dreams - when your mind gets bored at night.

07/16/22 - the story of links2links - back when the main page was 300 links
05/04/22 - the neverending quest - to design 1 website

text files

04/07/23 - copypastas/rants written by me
11/24/22 - 5 reasons why I quit the roblox hospital
06/12/22 - 90's Computer Illiteracy
04/16/22 - Yes, we use our toes (sfw)
11/28/21 - I think I can hear my computer think
11/24/21 - A warning to computer users
05/30/20 - Dumb computer questions and beliefs
09/15/18 - Bad Poems
08/17/18 - 90's PC builder builds a modern PC (not by me)
04/07/18 - The Television
02/12/18 - The Power Went Out

school stories

2022 - The Pancook - the $500 pancake cooking hot plate idea
2021 - Revisiting The Places - revisiting where it all happened
2018 - Jiminem The Microwave - what happens when you put a microwave in your class

other crap

good-net - websites made from good
12/28/21 - freetop best laptop best laptop
01/08/20 - Hello Gamers
11/01/19 - anticapslock.com
11/18/19 - funny facebook minion meme generator
10/15/19 - smartulator home page!!
10/07/19 - the worlds worst powerpoint presentation ever!!!
09/20/18 - dictionary

08/29/22 - copypastas that i found or transcribed
06/10/22 - Lipsumosophy
06/01/22 - laptoponbedphobia
10/06/20 - Random Number sort of Bingo Game
08/28/20 - Social Media Simulator
08/16/20 - Old Jerry and Harry Creative Screenshots
10/10/19 - The Amazing Musical CD Drive!
08/05/19 - Roblox API links (some of them)
07/27/19 - Roblox Direct account lookup
02/24/19 - Midtown Madness Cheats
01/24/19 - My old & 'new' icon GIFs
02/22/19 - Old Hotmail Emoticons
02/27/18 - Dirt Rhodes
04/19/18 - Friday's Old Home Page
10/12/17 - Stop bully at the internet!
10/16/16 - My PC and its Specs (old)
04/24/16 - garfield and friends episode list

Email Docs
A game with an interesting outcome
Introducing: Windex 95!
Computer Jokes
25 Signs you might be Canadian

who are you?

I'm dvd3000, just a guy trying to get by, I guess. I've been running this site, powerdvd3000 since 2016, and the idea of it and some pages have been kicking around since 2014. I'm 15 years old, and this site is based out of beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada.

I'm just another guy who's into computers and tech. Hardware, software and really just tinkering around, trying to figure out how anything makes any sense. I'm also into retro computers as well, and I'm around in the retrotech community. If you found your way here, you probably got here through some computer related stuff.

Another interest of mine is archival. Archiving everything. Saving history. Of course I'm on archive.org as @arandomuser1, and on YouTube for my VHS archive clips on back. I've been into archiving stuff since around 2018, and I truly believe in it.

And lastly, I'm a furry. Been one since late 2019. I don't center my life around it, but I've brought it up a couple of times. I just love the art and the community, you guys are wonderful. And yes, I make art that isn't very good. But y'know, it makes me happy.

This page is loosely so more focused on stuff that I'm doing and talking about. Why record a video of you standing in front of a camera from 20 minutes blabbing away, when the same information could be conveyed in text form?

You can call this a blog if you want to, but it only loosely adheres to the idea of a "blog", some pages might update, most won't. I've tried to date some of this stuff a little better but it's probably confusing.


name: dvd3000
age: somewhere between 0 and 100
location: vancouver, bc, canada, earth, solar system
interests: the internet, computers, just tinkering really
life: someone told me to get one a while ago. are they on amazon?
existing: most likely. you know im probably coexisting with you right now
favourite drink: frikken water
quote: anything from the iqotd (iQuOTDv3)

you might know me as such famous people like:
the guy with the og wallpapers
the guy with the flash player installers
the guy with the old laptop

the guy behind the name

I don't get why people are so obsessed with wanting a face reveal or other "reveal" of something about me. Seriously, why do you want to know? So you can go "wow its a person" and go on with your stuff? There is literally no reason for me to "reveal my face". I will if I feel like it, but at this rate with some people harrassing me to reveal my face, I will not do it. There, are you happy?

I am what I put out there, dvd3000 is me. If you enjoy my content you can just keep on doing that, cause my content represents who I am. You don't need more.

Whatever happened to privacy anyways?

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it came from the thrift store
2 colors is all you need
the $400 pancake cooking hot plate
the return of spring cleaning
i want to ride my bicycle
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we got an index
also, the mechanical pencil on the right side there is my very worn Stadetaler Riptide 0.7mm that was my main pencil throughout all of high school. you can see it in the School Supply Show video lol
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dvd3000 is just another netizen yelling into the void

this is my website! and where I've been collecting my internet happenings off and on since 2014.

just come on in and make yourself at home, and don't mind the mess..

New Video! The Bt878 Analog Capture Device - 12/25/22

New Photos! New Garage Photos! - 04/03/23

New Comix! Find the Coleslaw Eater - 06/10/22

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