The following was taken from the comments of Nostalgia Nerd's video on a 90's PC builder building a PC in 2016

90's PC Builder builds a modern PC written by Jeremy Andrews
You didn't actually show the kind of system someone operating entirely on knowledge from the 1990s would have built without good research, though. Here's what I would picture...

CPU: Pentium G4620

What? What kind of sucker buys a quad-core system for gaming? They must be desperate to make a buck if they're trying to talk gamers into wasting their money on server hardware. Not falling for that one. And what are these "Core" things? I'm just going to go with the newest Pentium here. Pentium's always been good enough for gaming.

RAM: 64GB DDR4 2400MHz

RAM comes in WHAT sizes now?! Yeah, I better max it out... RAM requirements will probably be doubled in a few years, and I regretted not maxing out the kind of RAM my system takes while it was still cheap last time. I'll never forget that.

Motherboard: ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 2

ASUS still makes Motherboards? Hmm... all the boards all look like garbage these days, they have that awful integrated video and audio. Everyone knows those suck and make the board less stable. Guess I've got no choice, though. SLI? Why would I want two graphics cards unless I were doing workstation stuff? Seriously, these people are desperate for money. All these stupid low-end multimedia boards with limited expansion aren't much better than what you find in a pre-built. Disgusting, do they really expect people to use onboard junk?! At least this one looks kind of durable... it's going to have to be, if it's going to support all that onboard junk AND my expansion cards. Sigh.

GPU: NVidia GTX 1070

Looks like ATI and Voodoo went out of business. And why would anyone trust a second-rate chipmaker like AMD to make a CPU, let alone a graphics card? Well, NVidia is still around... let's just get a moderately powerful NVidia card. This 1070 should be good enough.

Sound Card: Sound Blaster ZxR

Well, a Sound Blaster is a Sound Blaster... they're all good, and this one fits in my system. In the cart it goes.

Networking card: Intel EXPI9301CTBLK Network Adapter

Hmm... so, do we have just regular Dial-Up or DSL now? Huh? This looks like a DSL modem, but it plugs into coax like cable television... so we do need Ethernet support. Well, I think Intel NICs are probably pretty good... can't find a good 3COM part anyway. It will have to do.

Case: Antec Three Hundred Two

Antec's still making cases, and this one looks good enough. Seriously, why do they have so many fans on the cases these days? And why are they all black? Did the case makers go Henry Ford on everyone and decide black is the only color we need? Guess they're too cheap or lazy to make any other colors now.

PSU: Any 650W PSU

Hmm... that GTX 1070 requires a 500W PSU? Better add at least 150W to that for headroom. They never rate those things honestly.

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Microsoft still makes Windows, right? Well, let's get the latest version of that. With that much RAM, simple Math tells me I'm going to need 64-bit. Just like in the old DOS days when we had a 640k barrier, we're going to hit a 4GB barrier. Didn't expect it to happen in my lifetime, though. Processor spec-sheet says it's supported. They... HAVE released enough updates for it to make it stable already, right? Don't want to be getting BSODs all the time like I was with the early versions of Windows 98.

Hard Drive: Western Digital Black 5TB hard drive

If RAM sizes are that big, I probably need a few terabytes of storage space. What's an SSD? Flash memory? That stuff's pretty slow. Sounds like another piece of overpriced server hardware they use in enterprise. I remember some army guy saying they used those instead of hard drives when hard drives weren't reliable enough. No chance in hades a consumer is ever going to need that. I'm just going to get a big hard drive, I'm not running a data center here.

Additional: DVD-ROM drive

Wow, DVD-ROMs are so cheap and fast now! What the heck is Blu-Ray? Whatever, I don't need that. Would have liked a CD burner, though. Too bad they don't have one.

Additional: External Floppy Drive

Really? No floppy drive header? Looks like they have some USB floppy drives now, though. I guess that will have to do. Just wonder how they expect me to recover from a bad flash or make a recovery disk, though... guess they just want you to get a new motherboard. Greedy bastards, probably took away the option of updating firmware.

While putting it together: These cables are really skinny and the ports are tiny... are these connections even reliable? What, I think this CPU is broken... all the pins are gone... wait, there's pins on the motherboard? Let me check the directions... "Land Grid Array"? What the heck are you up to, Intel? Well, actually it's pretty easy to install. Weird as heck, though. Well, it's all hooked up now, let's put that Windows 10 DVD into the drive and... wow, that actually didn't take too long to install. This seems to run pretty well, actually. Yeah, all right, I've still got it... the sound's great, the Internet's up and running, my graphics card has the drivers installed... this is going to be great. My old games are running at blistering speed, can't wait to try some new ones.