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Advertising is stupid. Not just in the way that it's annoying, but in my opinion, it really is stupid.

When was the last time you saw an advert on TV for the 9321st time and though "oh yeah that's so cool ima buy that".
Other than that I would never buy something from an advert, I REALLY don't want to give more money to the company that runs their ads on every station 15 times per second.

Also, adverts on the internet.
Fine, I can watch a 5 second ad of something I don't care about before my YouTube video, but i'm talking about the abusive ads.
Confining the text in a page to a quarter of the screen, and having the rest of the screen be videos, moving ads, "reccomended links" and shit like that. Browsing the web in 2020, and for years prior is literally impossible without adblock. I hate seeing people abuse the ad system online, and if you ever even had the slightest bit of thought about putting 600 ads on your webpage, you suck.

And no, I don't have a chromebook, those suck as much as spammed advertisements. I was at a school hence the tabs, and unprofessional file names.