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- Not everyone is a computer master, but sometimes some things are pretty funny!!!
- Here are some things that I have heard people say related to computers...

Sometimes laptop computers make sacrafices on the keyboard to make laptops smaller. One laptop removed the caps lock key, so the only way to type capital letters was using shift.

Someone had asked how to type capital letters because there was no caps lock. If turns out they were pressing caps lock, typing a letter, and unpressing caps lock every time they wanted to type a capital letter. I shouldn't have been suprised since they also used the famous "hunt and peck" typing method......

At a friend's house, I noticed that they had a peice of tape reading "DO NOT PRESS" over the Reset button on their computer case. When I asked why, they said "If you press the reset button it will reset everything on the hard drive, so DON'T press it!"

I'm not sure what made them think there was what would essentially be a "self-destruct" button on their computer, but they insisted on not pressing reset until they eventually upgraded to a computer that didn't have a reset button.

I'm sure that everyone who is currently in school knows that teachers aren't exactly computer experts... Here's some of my past experiences.

A teacher was trying to show the class a video on her iPhone by holding the phone up to everyone so we could see a tiny screen. She said that she couldn't connect it to the projector because she didn't have this "weird cable" as she pointed to the phone's speaker.

One teacher was getting irritated becuase the projector was very loud and was shutting off during lessons, and every time she turned it on, she kept pressing ignore on the message reading "Projector overheating, please clean filter".