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Friday is a 3 year old dog who is a Morkie. We got him on February 14 2015. For whatever reason this dog has a homepage.
Well, of course this page was not wirtted by a dog it is written by a human. Not a dog or a robot. He likes to lick people and it gets extremely annoying. He also barks out the front window and annoys everyone until you come see what he's barking at. Usually it's a leaf, or a bird, squirrel, squeaky gate, another dog or literally nothing. When he's barking at nothing he will run away when he hears you running over to stop 'em. He will take your food sometimes but most of the time he is nice. He will not dare touch your food if it is on a plate. If you put a whole steak on a plate and gave it to him he would refuse to eat it. Eating off the floor or from the dog bowl is fine, but he just can't eat from a plate or bowl. He doesn't bit or injure you unless you are trying to remove bubble gum he stole from his mouth. Other than the annoyances he is a good dog.

He likes to eat, run around, chase stuff and be relaxed like most dogs.
So why does this page exist? Well it's actually just a joke, so why are you here?
How are you here?

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