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11/30/22 | < > | "dream gear"

Tonight on dream gear
A guy gets rent in a box in vancouver (it's a cement box)
my iPad porn is exposed by Lukas (thats on an iPad, not of an iPad)
And an 11 year old wears fake tits (can I get arrested because my brain generated that?)

Dun dun dun dun

So I had this dream today that was a bunch of dreams in 1, one that I haven't seen in a while, but of all of them, there were 3 that I actually remember.

So anyways, let's go outside, and wow were in Vancouver and I'm standing at this interesction and this guy is like dancing here in joy and stuff so I go up and I'm like hey bro what u so happy about? And he goes "I just found a rental suite in downtown vancouver! I'm go sweet bro can I check it out, and when I go in, it's a cinder block box with a mattress. Uhh dude, how much are you renting this for? $2000/mo... unsurprising.

So, lol, time to jump into bed and look at stuff (NOT PORN) on my iPad, but I hear my brother scream that "YOU JUST GOT EXPOSED SOOOO HARDDD" and I'm like aw shit what happened this time so I go up to him and he's all like "YOU HAVE AN UNFATHOMABLE AMOUNT OF FURRY PORN SAVED TO YOUR IPAD" and I'm like "uh ye what about it" and he proceeds to inform everyone on earth that I look at drawings. I was like "dude, bruh u already exposed me remember", and I didn't remember, but it actually reminded me of this dream I had years ago that scared the hell out of me, years before I even knew what porn was, I had a dream that was exactly the same, but with cringeworthy emails instead, and my brother kept going on about these emails like they're fricken Hillary Clintons deleted emails but I had no idea what he was talking about, I didn't know about any emails, and I still didn't until in this dream, I closed my /r/yiff browser tab and looked at my emails, and for some reason in this email program, the recipients are organized on a map, and there was 1 target point with like 100 emails, and it was the address of the irl comic house, and 8 year old me was just bombarding them with cringe emails asking random questions that nobody responded to, but everyone did stupid things when they were kids, and I really couldn't care less if those emails were real and they were "leaked", just like if my reddit yiff account saves got leaked, I really couldn't care less. It's not like a fear of mine, so I don't know why this has popped up in a dream 2 times in the last 6 years.

Anyways, this last part was pretty weird. Well, you know when you're dreaming and wake up, but you're still sleepy enough that sometimes when you close your eyes again, the dream just reappears? I don't know if that's how a nightmare works, but after I woke up, I closed my eyes for a second, and I was in school but like, back in time to grade 5 (and also gswapped but I usually am anyways) but I'm sitting around with some of my friends that I theoretically would have had at the time and this one girl is like "well like, I've had 3 boyfriends- just in the school year so far!~" "oh, wow, really sounds like a great connection youre getting with them" *hahahhah* and she doesn't really like that she goes like "yeah, and how many have you two had? Like none?" ... "uh yea, I'm like not ready for that at all" "UMM of course you're not, like let me.. help you" "with what?" "This.. is all you need and all the boys will go crazy for you" and she pulled up her fricken 2 layers of shirts and theres fake silicone bewbs under there strapped to her chest, and me and my friend just put our heads in our hands cause what the fuck, like, where the hell did she even get those, she's 11 years old, the internets a crazy place isn't it. I don't know in what universe a person like me would actually be friends with her but whatever.

I sort of wish I could've gone back to sleep just to see where in the world that was going, but I did actually have to get up. Man, I think I ate too much ham, I'm not quite thinking straight.

11/01/22 | < >

I had this dream where we all went to the United States of America for soe reason we were gonna stay at a hotel but we were like "fuck it lets urbex a in use office building" so its 2 guys 2 girls I have no clue who any of these people are, and were just going through here like infra, clicking switches and controlling servers trying to open doors and stuff, and were going thru all these rooms, some look abandoned, some look full of stuff, some have servers, and some are back rooms, but the 2 girls are just over here switching every switch they can find, and I'm like "stop doing that you've probably shut down half the internet by now people are gonna find us" and unsurprisingly, the next switch she pulls, all the lights go out and on the main monitor, a fake CNN article opens that says "Teenagers alert building manager of trespassing" and I'm like "I fucking knew it" so we hide in a cupboard.

10/23/22 | < >

I had this dream for some reason where im at school and its kinda shit so I go home and relax and what better place to relax than the hotter but I don't want anyone to know Im there so I turn out the lights and its pitch black and I just hear the gate close and im like (bruh not right now when im completely vulnerable) and I turn on the light and theres a fricken baby in the water im like "oh no that guy is gonna drown" so I pick em up and then realize its dad is just chilling out there too and he's like "hey kid hope ya dnt mind needed to relax for a bit" Also for some reason my mom got mad at me for running a roblox game that wasn't ddtsod, it was actually a weird game where u have to find some thing I forget but its this house and theres all these blocky tunnels and traps and stuff weird but mom was like "theres child predators on that game" and im like "I know".

10/17/22 | < >

I had this dream where I was at a furry convention/presentation like thingy and its kinda cool we got cool stuff but it slowly starts getting weirder we start seein some wierder shit and im like fuk this shit am out, and yknow other people are starting to notice this too and then the event leaders are talking to this rando guy and hes like "idk, all i did was say "release the furries.... was that bad" and its like oh shit YES THATS BAD you released the members of the community that make us fuCKING LOOK BAD TO NORMAL PEOPLE but actually turns out it was just the most elaborate prank ever and at the end everythings good and everyone lived happily ever after.

10/14/22 | < >

Alright so I had this dream where im at school again and fuck. I dropped my pencil bag on the floor, and im cleaning it up and finally were getting to the dust in the bottom im just putting coins in by this point and this girl next to me was like "are u a cat or something. U have like a lot of coins" (idek what that means) and also there were a bunch of poorly drawn swastikas on the desk (owot moment) and I was like "man someone really took the time to make all those" and she said "p-oh look thats cool that like the thing meowbaah did" and im like I don't even know so I leave and in the hallway all the teachers are havin a great time drinkin some iced tea that someone there made and I see the man himself Ross Saare, and he's like "ya want some? here ill swish it in my mouth to show its not gonna kill ya" and he takes a swig, swishes it in his mouth, stops for a second, and swallows it and I'm lookin at this I'm like "I was watchin ur cheeks you stopped for a second whats up with that, ya crack the capsule in ur cheek with the antidote in it?" And he's like naaahhh it's good, so I drink up and i start feeling kinda drowsy I look at him im like "dude there wasn't any alcohol in here was there?" and he looks at me kinda worried and I put one arm on his shoulder and go "HA, i'm just kidding....take it easy" and walk off like a drunk idiot and my vision starts going blue and eventually I'm laying on the floor until I wake up.

10/05/22 | < >

I had this dream where Doris' house had an open house thing execpt not really and I was standing out there talking to some woman and she's like "well the land is good I guess" but we went inside and it actually doesn't look that bad inside it looks like a house from a tv ad from 2004 but the more we walk thru the weirder it gets. First we walk into the main room and its normal, laundry room, small ass closet, and its fairly open, this main/living room turns into the kitchen, and it gradually gets even more open and more cluttered, so I start going like "I can collect and sell this stuff" eventually it starts looking like some hoarders house and we end up in this huge room with a tall ceiling with red carpet with no lights except for some old school Christmas lights and an entire intersection traffic light system and somehow theres more people there theres some random kids, some more random kids, and even Lukas and mama appear for some reason and the house turned into a semi abandoned mall and we took cool photos with mama and Lukas and some random little girl except all the photos look like shit cause my camera. *peace*

09/28/22 | < >

I'm so worried about losing my notebooks that roll around in my backpack, because the things written and drawn in them would get me dismissed by most of the school. I had a dream where I was in school (for fucks sake) literally doing schoolwork and I handed in a 2 page assignment but my lost grade 10 notebook was inbetween the sheets and the teacher was like "uhh you want this back?", I said "did you see anything in there" as I flipped thru the pages and SLAMMED the book quicky.. she said no and looked at me wierdly.

09/26/22 | < >

So for some reason we were in the middle of nowhere again driving thru this shit area in the 4runner with my dad and grandma and brother who randomly appears later and were going to a skating rink or something who knows why apparently this place is popular even tho theres no-one there when we get there, and its one some dirt road covered with rocks, and of course my dad is like flying thru this road, doing donuts round it and drifts around the corners, but we make it in one piece, and when were there I see a shopping cart and it turns into an episode of handyman corner where red green says "today were gonna be turning this ordinary store shopping cart, into an ice skating dream" so he like cuts a bunch of pieces off of it and duct tapes some skis to it and now this stupid broken shopping cart is falling apart as im trying to move it but its definitley gonna win for sure so I was waiting in front the place that looked like a plywood box anyways, apparently my brother was in who kept getting "salad" as a prize for "winning", whatever that means, and I was like "for fucks sake STOP giving me these" and he was like "ugh just try it" and "whatever, they're decaffeinated anyways" (mfw decaffeinated salad) apparently this place is a huge scam to get kids addicted to coffee cause theres ads for coffee everywhere including depictions of a female underage anthropomorphic furry character drinking le coffee (and the character was brown/cream fur coloured cause coffee lel).

09/06/22 | < >

Ok so myself as a girl again is in this ad for glasses cause I have glasses of course (actually these kinda beige ones with a clear outer shell layer weird idk) and they're all like psa: don't wear ur glasses fo 30 hours straight its not good for u and then it turns into a "medication for old people" commercial and starts showing random scenes of me and freinds doing cool stuff like running in a field and sitting in a library while my computer dies, and FLYING A FRICKEN HELICOPTER were in this piece of shit helicopter thats on the same level as junior singleton's "helicopter" from the red green show, when suddenly the fricken rotor and everything just breaks off and were like 2 feet off the ground so we all bail out but the driver's like 'nah bro this is awesome check it out' and puts down the landing gear wheels even tho helicopters don't have landing gear but that turns it into a 2 wheeled (what) motorcycle thats so crap I have to push it like the wooden rollercoaster from the PNE to get it to move so im pushing this exploding sparking helicopter down the road but it just veers left into a building and fricken blows up

08/23/22 | < >

I met up with Lucas again after not seeing him for a long time I sent him a message explaining a previous situation of cap setup "So why are u willing to spend 80 $ on this" Havent u seen how im dressed? I literally have my windows vista shirt, external hdd holder and wearing my hdmi adapter 08/06/22 So lucas and me as a girl go to auberge du mont trying to get a room or sum shit so we can be in Quebec for some reason and were going thru all this weird stuff and theyre like "asshole in the Nissan Cube move ur shit" so now we gotta go down in the elevator and everyone else in there is like wtf guiys, but we get outside and the cube which they assume is my car, won't start, so they call out a mechanic but he's not actually a mechanic he's a youtuber and starts making a video like "whats up youtube today we are going to be super nice for the reddit updoots and were going to fix these dumbasses broken ass Nissan Cube, but he just totally does a kootaoey lake auto and fucks up the cube beyond idk. 07/15/22 I had thsidream where was at school again (for fucks sake) except this time it was like the summer event or something and there was a whole lotta cool stuff, except me, being a mentally damaged werido is only there to pick something up, I didn't even know there was an event, so here im in there walking through looking like Seth Aronson and shit, and then when I get outside I just lay on the ground like a homeless person while some guy throws a coupon next to me for whatever project HE's working on. These elementary school kids walk by and for some reason I decide to act like a drunk idiot to scare them or something. These kids are handing stuff out and they give this thing to me and im like I don't fukkin want this and throw it back to them and yea it works but like 8 mins later I feel bad so I go back up to them where they went and go like "hey im not actually a drunken idiot" 07/05/22 I know at school theres 2 gyms for sosome reason and we never use the first one so it's kinda abandoned but not really. I had this dream where it was abandoned and I walked in there, and the kids sitting by the entrance door in there got pissed off cause the cold air from inside blew at them. its all big and spooky uin there and I can't even close this door. Eventually I have to call over the guys from the matrix to use a super force and blast the door closed but unfortunately it just created a 90's geocities website on the door instead. 07/02/22 - umbrellafan89 Had a dream where I was back in school again ah shit but at least I get to go outside and swing and I found this random kid who’s also a fan of umbrellas and we went back inside to my class which he wasn’t even a part of and he sang the book we were reading in front of the class 06/11/22 - the metaverse experience I had this dream where people on the forum for some reason kept mentioning this cool 3d world (metaverse) where you can go in and do awesome stuff, and they wanted me to work on an epic rollercoaster but not its like u fly through the air trough every asset in the game until u fly out the end and we somehow ended up in my school gym (weird how things mesh together like that) where some kids did things while some relaxed on the bleachers for some reason we stroke pu a conversation with this girl that I liked, but I dont think she actually likes me irl i sat down and played a roblox game with someone that looksd suspiciously like that cool rollercoaster runner thing. Was roblox the meta verse this whole time? Also I somehow remember the username being "sylveon2345". Also someone called me Clifford. This forum must be having an impact on my mental health Had a dream where I was rding my bike through a car park, and I crashed and slid through a construction barrier that was for some reason an active construction site and slid into this guy and knocked em off. I felt guilty for the rest of that dream that it was him who died and not me. O had this dream where we were all on reddit beach and there were like 2 people in the water and everyone jumped in to save them even tho they were totally fine they just wanted that reddit karma 05/01/22 - um grades I had this dream where my mom told me that she was putting me in more bullshit tutoring to "help me" with my "grades" More of this more of that more more more and I asked her "please, just be honest with me, do you think I'm stupid?". She responded with "no, of course not, why would you say that?", 03/30/22 - Mazda A guy told me to be weary of all Mazdas parked on your street because many are not real and are actually fake prop cars used to spy on people, so if you break in and try to drive it and take off the parking brake off it's just gonna roll down the road cuz its not a real car it doesn't have breaks or anything so were standin there and this guy breaks in and then just rolls down the road and were like "well dang look at dat" ??/??/?? - The only actual nightmare. Ok, so I don't have PTSD or night terrors like apparently everyone on neocities who write down their dreams online, I mostly just have weird ass dreams, but I remember one time when I was 6 years old (and I really never forgot this for some reason), is I had this scary ass dream, and every time I closed my eyes again, it would just reappear, and I'd never seen that before, just like how I've still never lucid dreamed, and I told my mom, and she told me that it was a nightmare. Now, I've had some scary ass dreams in the past, but I've still never had that reappearing effect like I did this one time, so I don't know if they're actually nightmares, and I forgot them anyways, but this one always stuck with me, cause this was scary as hell to a 6 year old. I loved trains back then, but my interested in them slowly faded away into computers (which I've had many dreams about) but this nightmare is probably 100% responsible for killing my interest in trains. I had this "dream" where ALL MY FAMILY WAS LOCKED IN A TRAIN CAR that decoupled from a train and started to FLY DOWN A HILL, and guess whats at the bottom of the hill, another fucking train car, and everyones like "you know a lot about trains, you gotta know how to stop the cart BUT I DIDNT KNOW HOW AND EVERYONE FUCKING DIED and I still to this day have no idea why my dumbass brain just randomly decided to generate this experience into my 6 year old brain WHAT THE FUUUUCCCCKKKK.

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