5 Reasons why I quit the Roblox hospital

I worked at the Roblox General Hospital back in 2019. I studied in medical school for years to become a doctor, but the horrendous conditions of the building and working environment pushed me to quit after only 3 months. Here is just some of the horrible things I saw.

1. One woman walked in and said "im pregant" and the receptionist said "right this way ma'am" into the delivery room and the doctor started pushing the baby out of her stomach and she said "no I don't want the stupid baby I want an abortion" so the doctor ran over her with a 2017 Ford F150 dual cab pickup truck and yelled "take that, baby!" While the radio blasted Skrillex music on 93.7 "The Shoe".

2. One doctor, when trying to console a 6 year old boy who had just lost his mother, handed him a stuffed teddy bear with his mother's name on it. Upon receiving the gift, the boy cried and hugged the doctor, but he said "Initiate detonation sequence 935839" and a rudimentary detonator ignited the 6 pounds of C4 packed inside the teddy bear blowing it and the child into pieces, but the doctor said "welp, better than being orphaned!"

3. One woman walked in asking for an abortion, showing her pregnancy test, but when the doctors checked, it was a false positive, so they put her under anesthesia, cut open her stomach, inserted a 6 year old boy from the adjacent room, and sewed her shut. When she woke up, he said "congratulations, it's a boy" and showed her a picture of him. She said "aww can I keep him?" and he said no and connected a microwave oven transformer to her vagina for 12 minutes.

4. One patient, with a life threatening condition was to be transferred to an intensive care unit with only minutes to live, but another doctor yelled "the floor is lava!!" and everyone transporting the patient, immediately started jumping from table to table and outside leaving the patient sitting in the hallway who died shortly after and was disposed of in the trash compactor behind the building.

5. One man came in saying he was sick and coughing, but further diagnosis revealed that it was only the common cold, which of course, only time is the cure, but he demanded "I want it gone NOW", so the doctor equipped the Rainbow Periastron sword, said "it'll only be a tingle", and pressed E, blasting the man with over 100 degrees of radiation so the man would not be cold anymore, but he died from cancer 7 days later.