Hotmail Emoticons


These images were once on the free Hotmail E-Mail service. But Microsoft got rid of them.
Oh look now its called outlook and it's crap. Oh well...

These were all archived in 2012 by me.
I have almost every static image and all of the animated ones.
You can download all of the images in a ZIP archive.

All Images 85KB

Static Images:




Food and Drinks






Animated Images:

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A very important E-Mail

Subject: heyyyyy

hey im just sitting here using my and im eating my too and i just though id mesage you.
i wanted to ley you know that im going on tommorow and ill be back on febuary 30.
enjoy the cold snow while im in the nice hahha lol
See ya ttyl

Kids, don't type or write like this. It's not ok.

Update: The rest of the creepy images have been found! (I thought they went offline I'M 100% SURE)

For some reason the images are still online at "". If you follow this link and keep increasing the number at the end you can see the rest of the images!
Or just see them here...

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Updated Feb 22, 2019