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the worst house ever builtPosted in general on Jan 12, 2020

Close to me there was this house. It was sort of in a dilapitated state, but not really.
It was a small brown-ish 2 story house built sometime in the 1950s, I beleive.

If I remember, the owner passed away in 2014 levaing the house to his kids, and the kids had sold the house in 2015 pretty fast. It was purchased by some unknown developer who got to work pretty fast on clearing the land.

Around 2015 still, construction started on a new house. They got the foundation in at this point. The frame went up later too.
After a few weeks, it was time to seal in the house. So they did. In the pouring rain. Then it got snowed on. Cause they thought that sealing a house in the middle of winter in Canada would be a great idea.

Then... Nothing happened. There was a frame in our neighborhood. It sat there for months with nobody coming to work on it. Eventually people in our neighborhood reported complaints about an ugly abandoned housing project because they just weren't working on it.

But then --- They came back. It's now 2016. They had started adding siding, roofing and probably the interior.
Between 2016 and 2018 they were sort of working on the house off and on. Around then, the house went up for sale for around 2.5 million CDN. And uh... nobody bought it. Because nobody in their right mind would buy this shit.
It was still unfinished, The MLS listing had no interior photos, the front door was a peice of plywood, there was trash on the lawn, etc, etc, etc.

But the house was still for sale. I was looking into the house through the front window, and the tiles had fallen off the fireplace. If that doesn't show the quality of this house, I don't know what does.

It's now November 2019. It's still for sale. But then I saw something as I was coming into the neighborhood.


Looking at where the sign was pointing, it could only be one place --- And it was.

So here we are. We're about to enter the forbidden house.

The Main Hallway

And it's frickin weird. So first we got a hallway. To the left is the "living room" and to the right is the laundry room.
Down the hall is the kitchen. To the left is some stairs (up and down) and to the right is well... the kitchen.

The Kitchen

So the kitchen is the weirdest frickin thing. So theres a stove in the kitchen... And the rest of the appliances are behind a door in a tiny room. What? Who designed this?


Upstairs we got a master bedroom and a kids bedroom. Down the hall is a bathroom. The shower was unfinished and the bathtub had dead bugs in it. Nice. It also features uncapped wires sticking out of the wall. Totally up to code.

The Bathroom

In the bathrooms we got some floors that are supposed to be black. No it's not marble, it's supposed to be black. Featuring dead bugs all over the sink and bathtub.


The stairs go to a tiny landing.
Forwards is a suite, backwards is a furnace and to the right is the steps to outside.

The downstairs suite is retarded. First of all, it's a closed concept. Theres a frick ton of doors. I go into a room, What is this room? I don't know, it could be anything at this point.

Note how they haven't even cleaned the floor. The whole house was like this.


Ok, so it's a flat roof house, so already it's ugly as shit, but also, theres the worst design flaw ever.
When it rains, a drain pipe draws water off the roof --- right into the outdoor staircase for the suite.

Yup, when it rains, there goes the water, making a little pool down in the staircase.

On the roof, we have standing water, and a peice of carpet, which remains to this day.

In General

So in general, the house is uninished, badly designed... and filthy. During the open house there was drywall dust, dirt, tools, and dead bugs EVERYWHERE. How the hell is this an open house?

Alright. So the year is 2020. Present day. Friday, January 10.
I wasn't having a super cool Friday, but then as I was walking home, something absolutaley MADE MY DAY.

They had a leak.
I saw the pile of wood and such things outside the house, and at first, I thought it was renovations of some sort, but then I noticed. THE RESTORATION SERVICE WAS THERE. And they had buckets and blowers there.

I cannot beleive it. It's actually unreal. The restoration service was fixing a BRAND NEW HOUSE. Never lived in.
When I saw that, I LAUGHED. I CAN'T BELEIVE IT. Oh my gosh.
Who's gonna buy that house now?

What does the future hold for this house? I don't know. It's January 11th. Only time will tell.
And boy will time tell something funny, I bet.

August 2020 Update:

It's been 7 months since the leak. Some odd things have happened.

The house has been ignored for the past 7 months. Until recently, there was still drywall on the floor from the leak. The only interaction with the house was a maintenance man, who watered and mowed the lawn. Other than that, it's pretty much abandoned.

Or is it? Every time I go by the house, it seems there's more furniture in it. More furniture, but never any people. There are 2 things I can guess.

Since the house has still not sold, despite dropping $400,000 in the past 2 years, currently at $2,388,000 (August 5, 2020), it's possible that the developer, or a relative might be temporarily living in the house.

They could be setting up for another photoshoot to make the house seem more appealing to the poor soul who buys this house.

They could just make the house looked lived in, before it inevitably burns to the ground over an insurance scam.

This house is an eyesore, even moreso than the previous house. Speaking of that, I found some videos from 2015 when the old house was still there, and the house was in rough shape, but probably about the same quality as the current house, because the current house almost certainly has rot on the inside at least a bit.

So the old house was really rotted. The man who once lived here couldn't walk, hence the further dilapitation of the second floor. RIP man, whoever you were... I forget. Sorry for poking around your house before it was demolished.

September 16, 2020:

Just a quick update since I was here anyways. It turns out that Mr. Lawnwaterer (mentioned in the last update) who I see at the house on some occiasions is (possibly) the owner of the house. I'm not to beleive this man is in the wrong, he just chose the most wrong contractor.

Since I'm here, the house is still sitting as it has for so long. I have not seen a light on inside for a very long time. I'm wondering what's going on, as the lights were on almost all the time in previous months.

How can you mess up so bad?
January 12, 2020, August 5, 2020, September 15, 2020

Images courtesy of Google Maps, and myself.

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