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Chapter 1: Intro

If you're watching this, you've probably just brought home your first personal computer! Welcome to a new world of uhhh... "productivity".

(dos prompt) I'd like a directory listing please....... May I please have a directory listing? Hello? (pans over to phone) Oh, I wasn't on the line, silly me! (freeze frame)


This video is all you need to get started in the new and expanding computer world. After watching this you will have increased your productivity, creativity and unproductivity. We'll introduce you to the things that will help you acheive this, like DOS, WordPerfect, Windows and the Internet, the information superhighway!!!

If you don't know what all of that stuff meant, well that's what I'm here for.

Hi, my name's uhhh.... BOB. I'll be here to walk you through your introduction to the computer world.
Before anything, we should go over this question: What IS a computer? You've probably got it set up in your living room or office right now, but if you haven't done that yet, don't worry, we'll go over that too.

First in our overview of what you get with your computer, we have the desktop, or the CPU, usually a big metal box in either a horizantal or vertical orientation.

Think of this as like the brains of your computer, this is where all of the thinking and processing goes on. Lets look at an average system. Here you can see the CD-ROM drive, for reading compact discs. CDs often contain music, programs, or garbage! Though not all computers have these new CD-ROM drives.

Next is the floppy disk drive. You can get a box of these so called "floppy disks" at your local office supply store. You can use these to store your documents on this tiny square. You can even give the tiny square to someone else, and they can look at the document on their own computer! Look at how many physical papers you can fit on one of these flopular diskettes.

FUN FACT: they're called floppy disks because if you rip them open, theres a floppy plastic disk thing that kind of looks like a tiny record. Technology!

Here we have the power switch, this is used to turn on the computer when you want to use it.
Next is the reset button. If your computer stops working for a long time, you can press the reset button, but your document could disappear if you didn't save it to a disk. Make sure to save often!

Lastly is the turbo switch. Unless you know what exactly what you're doing, play it safe and don't touch this button. It's used to change the speed of the computer, and you don't want it to do that because your computer doesn't even have a drivers license.

Here's the monitor. Think of is as a TV screen for your computer. The computer will display what you're working on as you're doing it. Wow.

Here's the keyboard. It works similar to your typewriter. As you type, the words will appear on your monitor. No paper here. You can easily correct errors and add other "special" things.

When you're ready to turn your document onto paper, you can print it, with your printer! We'll go into more detail on this soon.

Lastly, the most confusing device, the mouse. Don't be scared though, it doesn't bite, and it also doesn't carry deadly deseases or fleas. Bonus!
This is your way of controlling certain things on your computer. You'll learn how to use the mouse in this video today.

Chapter 2: Setup

Those are all the things that should be with your computer. If you have all these things, then we can set up your computer.