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I like going though the files of computers that I find. People leave behind enough data for me to blackmail them, commit identity fraud, and just plain old doxx them 15 times over, but I don't. Instead I just make fun of them.

If you dispose of your old computer without wiping your drive, consider yourself -- made fun of..

And now, 90's computer illiteracy at it's best:

From: Preferred Customer
Date: Tuesday, October 13, 1998 7:52 PM
To: ********@worldpath.net
Subject: BUS316 on-line

Apparently, I did receive your first e-mail. I just did not now how to retreive it. I just assumed that because I did not give you the correct address, that it would not be possible to send it. I have windows 95. Does that tell you what kind of word processor I have? I have no idea how to use spell check, or eve to do an assignment on e-mail much less do I know how to send a document or save it before I try to send it. How intimidating! Can I just mail it to you? I don't want to lose my entire document? Could that happen? I feel silly asking these questions. I will try to figure out more about my computer and its capabilities. In the mean time, I will send you this message. Thank you for your patience with me.