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oct 14 2020

In the early days of the internet, it was not dominated by 10 huge websites run by corporations, instead we had thousands of small websites, made by people who took their passion seriously enough to spend the nights hammering on a keyboard typing up the 3KB code for their webpages. People who built their website starting with nothing but an empty index.htm, and took into consideration the low bandwidth and internet speeds of the time and to the people who were still making do with a 386 well into the 90's.

Whatever happend to this internet? An internet where you could truly put anything out there for all to see, raw, uncensored, handwritten HTML. An internet where you could make the domain you bought your own home. An internet that belonged to you.

Now when you think of the internet, huge corporations and social medias practically crush small websites. Social medias where anything you say can be deleted or censored. Huge websites that track your every move. Websites totally bloated with so many scripts and CSS elements that are able to outright crash computers that are only 10 years old. More bloated websites that can make up to 3 MB for a single page, absolutely killing slow internet connections. And the slow and steady downfall of the people who were passionate enough to put in the effort to code their own website from nothing.

The internet now feels... controlled. And it really is. What ever happened to the classic HTML website?

Some people have asked why I made my own website instead of just blurting out stupid garbage on whatever social media is currently the most relevant. It's because I beleive that the internet can truly be anyone's place. I started carving out my HTML from nothing 6 years ago (2014). This is where my internet presence started. I never laid my hands on social media. Every social media just has the biggest negative vibe. The front page dominated by celebrities, everything from negative comments to constructive criticism are censored, politics, politics everywhere, and just the everyday bad news, just looking at what's going on on social media just gives me such a hopeless feeling.

This website is my online escape from that feeling, and I have links on my links page to other websites that choose to not give into the social medias that dominate the internet landscape of today. The small personal site still lives on, though much less than it once did.

A big reason why I run my site is because social medias and other website builders are too locked down. It feels like im chained into a box in terms of creative freedom when trying to use a web builder or media. This website is 100% handwritten, every single word and HTML element all typed in manually into Notepad. Writing my own HTML for the first time made me feel free, like there were suddenly no restrictions to be had online, I could finally express myself how I wanted to online with the style of my website.

I love the basic early HTML Times New Roman sites of the 90s and 2000s. Classy and lightweight. On real hardware, I've used this website on a Pentium 150 machine with only 24MB of RAM, and this website is just as snappy as it should be, and renders properly with my use of antiquated HTML tags. In emulated hardware as an experiment, I tried loading my website on a 386DX 16 with only 4 MB of RAM, and while it was slow, It was usable. Maybe 20 seconds to load a page. Totally usable! This website has practically no style-like elements, using tables for styling is as far as I will go, (but we will still never respect the people who used frames).

I always disliked how many websites will take minutes to load on my computer, which is a budget PC from 2015 on 3MBPS internet. Despite being below spec even for it's time, it should be able to load text up on a screen, but many websites now seem to be loading so many menu animations, css elements and useless JavaScripts that it absolutely kills my computer even up to task manager levels some times. I always have respect when I see someone who is trying to make a lightweight webpage. Nobody seems to think about how there are still thousands of outdated computers in use today. Or they are just trying to add to the efforts of large corporations to push "outdated" computers out of use.

What went wrong?

disclaimer: 90's internet was also crappy. when you have something that anyone can get their hands on, it will never be perfect