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screenshots from my jerry and harry server plot

my plot was at: Creative 2 / -175;153

jerry and harry server: a server that has a cool creative building game, but they deleted my plot 5 years after I started it.
these are the only screenshots I could find and these were pretty old.

This used to be one of those "skin rating" things where you would go in and the plot owner would rate your skin if it was good or not. If it was good you went up, and the one with the best got to the top. I used this a few times and then turned it into a giant tv.

This I took only because I filled the screen with ads. But what you can see is the sandstone level of my plot. Because plots were only 50x50, I ended up making I think 7 levels on my plot and it was super cool.

This was from the cobblestone layer. Don't really remember much from it. That thing is supposed to be a garbage can, which as you can see from my F3 screen, my computer was too.

This was the enterance of my plot, where you can see the coordinates. You can see my "plot road" I made to resemble the actual roads on the server. Above you can see part of my parkour.

Here is another angle from my welcome sign. The big wooden box thing was the head shop. There was also a later addition on the side that added a rare item shop. Both heads and rare items could only be added by admins (?), so they were rare, but got into circulation, and some ended up at my shop. The cobblestone thing next to it was later turned into a pretty cool motel, but this predates that (added in 2015). Dang, wish I had some 2015 screenshots, but the HDD of the PC I used in 2015 is long gone.

Here you can see behind the head shop. Just some cool water stuff and a loading hourglass.

Here's a cool thing I did with a tree on my plot road.

All of these screenshots were from 2014, and I only have them from my old HDD. I used a different PC from 2015 - 2017, so all of those screenshots are gone. I stopped playing as much in 2016, but still frequently checked back at my plot to revisit and work on it a little. Sometime in 2018, Creative2 and 3 shut down, leaving only Creative1, which I never went on. I'm still mad that they gave no warning at all. I wish I could've saved my plot somehow. It was amazing. There were countless memories, many houses built by old friends, cool secret areas, redstone builds and all sorts of cool stuff. I'll never forgive Jerry or Harry >:(