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redeveloping landmarksPosted in self on Apr 30, 2023
One thing I always noticed whenever areas begin redeveloping for condos and such, is that whenever a city landmark is torn to the ground for condos, that the developers will always come up with some kind of tacky name in reference to what once stood on that land, even though the new development has nothing whatsoever to do with what used to be there.

I had mentioned that to some of my friends, and joked about that the Egyptian government should just sell the pyramids’ land to the highest paying developer so that they can gut the pyramids and turn them into luxury condos, for only $1000000 a suite. Of course they completely destroyed thousands of years worth of history, but if there is a profit to be made, those developers won’t give 2 fucks about whatever loser pharaoh was buried in there. And then people will move into these overpriced condos thinking that somehow makes them part of the history of what used to be there.

And of course, it’d have some stupid tacky name… something like “Pyramid 32”, now selling for Summer 2030!

Of course, that is greatly over exaggerated, but one example of this sort of development that came to my mind (only because I’ve gone past it so many times) was the Brewery District in New Westminster, BC. It’s actually quite a nice development being mixed use between commercial and residential in form of a couple shops with apartments and offices above. But I was always curious about it, because it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a brewery, until my dad mentioned one time that when he was a kid, there used to be an actual brewery there! Yes, the Jamieson brewery, which was originally established in 1879, became Lucky Lager in 1941, and lastly became the Labatt Brewery in 1958, until finally closing in 2005, and I had never even known about that!

It’s interesting history, but I’m not saying in any way that I think a massive outdated industrial use building would be better to have than mixed use residential in the middle of downtown New West, I 1000% support the development, and think that such mixed use development is absolutely fantastic. I’m only commenting on the name chosen for that development, all I’m going for is how every time a landmark is redeveloped, it’s always gotta have some tacky ass name. I get that it’s supposed to pay homage to what once stood there, but plastering it absolutely everywhere, on every wall, and anywhere my eyeballs may happen to be pointing, makes it come off as really, really tacky, and that someone is trying too hard to make this new development seem like “a part of le history!”, when it has nothing to do with it whatsoever.

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