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the story of links2linksPosted in webby on July 27, 2022
Anyone who's been reading my site for a while (nobody) or has tried taking a look at the Wayback Machine on my site may have per chance noticed that in late 2021, the site grew drastically larger.

No, I didn't go crunch mode and grind out 200 pages for nobody to read, what actually happened, was I finally ended links2links.

Back in elementary school, I made a lot of crap with my friend group back then, and I still had and still have all of it... in a cardboard box under my bed. At the time, I was also still continuing some of the shenanigans with my friends, so the cardboard box continued to grow.

But as you know, I love websites, and what's better? A cardboard box full of paper, or a website full of paper? So in 2018 I created a website specifically for my friend group, originally called "the back room", separate but kind of connected to my main site. The original intention was that technically you could get to it, but it was mainly just for the usage of my friend group.
The first and only section in 2018, was the comics section, because we loved making crappy comics back then, which were a part of a class newspaper that we ran at the time.

At this time, my main website was exclusively for more serious, on topic computer related pages and stuff, but mostly because I used links2links as a place to put all the stuff that I wanted to put around but was too scared of people coming around and "making fun of it". But later I got bored of acting like that and just say whatever I want on my site, because that's how I want it to be, because it's my site. Anyways, eventually the friend site grew so large, that I changed the name from "the back room" to "links2links" because it felt like the links went to links into links and links everywhere, just like a real website should be, and we had a lot of fun with it back then, so it only seems appropriate to revisit good ol' links2links.

section 0: home

Alright, my friends kinda thought this was funny back then. To get to the site, just answer honestly, and you'll be greeted with the dark ambiance of the back room of dvd3000's website. Well, this was actually part of my site, it wasn't even on a subdomain.

It wasn't password protected or anything, but it wasn't linked on the main page. The first page actually was a (fake) password prompt, that asked "What's the password" and under it was a link that said "I don't know", which would grant your access.

The thing about it being a friend site, was that it wasn't member/site based, there were sections, and any of my friends could add whatever they wanted to the sections.

Now, enter into the old friend site, see what we had up, and see where the sections have gone today.

section 1: comix

Like I said, comix was the first section, in fact, it was the main page back in 2018. It started out with pages for our comics, I was drawing my right is your left, and our group was creating a class newspaper, The Daily Tattletale.

Later, the comics section had other non comic pages added to it like myself and stories, which eventually split off into their own sections. All these sections all revolved just around stuff that me and my friends made, and stuff we thought was funny, and man we had a lot of fun with it back then. Some sections that came from comix are still there, like Files, and also some community stuff like ye olde TDT and some newer online stuff like TextWall and MultiuserSketchpad have been added since. Also, the bar at the top of the page was a very long marquee.

section 2: sfsp

SFSP stands for stories from school's past, and was originally a part of stories. Back when I was in school, the school did a lot of weird, sketchy, and outright psychotic things to me and people I knew, and I did a lot of writing and venting on there, but a lot of it gets more personal than I would like to share online publicly.

But apart from having my life ruined by that place, the funny parts of SFSP were always the best. I wrote about all the funny, stupid things we did as a friend group back then just so I would never forget them. They really were great days. Recently, I've been rewriting the best ones on the textfiles page, so go give them a read, some are just hilarious!

Maybe one day I'll put up the stories of the horrible school I went to, or maybe I won't. It's my website.

section 3: photos

This one is self explanatory. Photos, what do you want? Back then it was just a directory listing that I filled with JPGs. Terrible. I remember sifting through that thing to find what I wanted, since I was the only one who used the photos section, I guess everyone else thought it was too bad to even touch. Eventually I created a decent photo index, and then redid everything in "albums" for the new photos page on my site.

section 4: myself

I know it's a friend site, but this section was originally a part of comix, because I used it to store a bunch of drawings that I made when I was little, like smashing crayons into paper little. Eventually I started putting other stuff and writings on there, and it grew out of comix and became my stuff, which, I mean it's weird that a friend site has a section called "myself" but whatever. They all knew who I was.

Also gosh that page was ugly. It was actually the first page I ever made in HTML manually without WYSIWYG in 2018.

section 5: hello gamers

Of course, hello gamers was the first good-net page. The good-net is a little site I made to store all of the joke/prop sites that we made while goofing off in the computer room instead of doing whatever adobe flash example file we were supposed to be doing. At the time, anticapslock.com also existed, but it was a part of hello gamers, so hello gamers was the main link.

Hello gamers was a website that I made in my high school IT class learning HTML. I mean, I already knew HTML, but the class was good fun anyways. Most people in that class had no idea how to even write HTML after the class was over, but I'll write about that another day.

section 6: quotes

When I was in elementary, and some earlier grades of high school, my friends said a lot of weird or funny stuff. Of course, most of them matured and then stopped talking to me, because there is no fun allowed in high school. But still, I had some good quotes, so I put them on a site I called the Inspirational Quote Of the Day 3.0, which also happened to be the first time I ever made a layout in CSS! That layout is still up today.

so... what have we learned?

The biggest thing that I learned from links2links and my website, is to not care about what others think. I mean, I appreciate messages and stuff, but you know what I mean, I used to worry too much about what other people would think of the things I created, so I just never put them out there, or never made them easy to access or find, just out of fear of hearing some negative message or something, but this way of thinking will never get you anywhere.

I put everything out there and now here we are, well, we haven't got far, but it's better than nothing.

I guess the only thing I have to take away from this, is that if you got something cool you wanna show the world, but aren't putting it out cause you're worried that people won't like it or aren't gonna see it, just put it out there anyways, and the likeminded people will find you. Always.

Please, please, please, make your own website.

Maybe if you feel like it, try something different.

dvd3000 is just another netizen yelling into the void

this is my website! and where I've been collecting my internet happenings off and on since 2014.

just come on in and make yourself at home, and don't mind the mess..

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