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Jiminem The Microwave (2018)

I had the same teacher that I had last year, but this year, she brought a new feature to the classroom! A amazing top of the line... 1994 Danby.. probably from my teacher's garage.

Anyways, we called it Jiminem. I don't know why myself even though I had a part in naming it. The picture above is Jiminem in the background from the 1 time I brough my -144p camera to school... yeah you can't see it but whatever.

And some people actually microwaved normal things like: popcorn, pizza, etc, but they probably wouldn't have if they knew what we did to it.

So we did a lot of dumb things. Like we microwaved glue. It turned into like hot glue and you could pour it on stuff (and someone threw it AT a garbage can for some reason!) Cool!

But one of the more memorable times was when we microwaved... a thing. What was the thing? Well it was glitter, glue, ink, milk, white out and paint all mixed into a yogurt cup. By the way.. White out is flammable. So when the kids put this thing in the microwave I stood back just in case it fricken EXPLODED. But when the microwave was done, they opened the door... there was a bit of smoke and a horrible smell that filled the whole classroom. After "food was ready", it had a different texture and it was all gross, so they poured it into a puddle outside. I'm sure thats good for the water out there.

The last thing that microwave ever lived to see, was at the end of the year, we microwaved tin foil. It made a cool spark show, but that would be the Jiminem's last day, as he promptly died of tin foil syndrome. So Jiminem can rest in peace... 1994 - 2018

brought to you by stories from schools past

written by dvd3000

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