Midtown Madness 1 Cheats and Stuff


This is not the best page of MM cheats and stuff. There are lots of other, better ones. There are not all of them here. These are mostly my favorite cheats that I remember.

You can write these down on a peice of paper and have some fun!


To bring up the cheat box press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F7. Do not press them all at once. Ctrl first then Alt then Shift and then F7.


Makes all of the cars except you slide when they are hit. That can make for some funny results on the highway.


Makes you slide. More useless than anything but still fun (?).


You are invincible (obviously)


Shows the location of Police on the map (blue & red)


Press enter to shoot mailboxes! Combine with slide and watch the cars slide away as you shoot mailboxes at them!

Makes the draw bridges go up really fast and higher than normal! If your car is on the bridge when it goes up... The car goes through the bridge and falls into the water.
I was expecting something better though.


Here is some stuff. Useful and not useful

Drive the truck

Make a user named "vapickup" then select the Ford F-350. When you play you should be the truck that you see on the road, but normally can't drive.

Drive the compact car

Make a user named "vacompact" and select the Volkswagen Beetle. When you play you should be the compact car you see on the road that you normally can't drive.

Possibly more coming soon...
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Updated Feb 24, 2019