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Converting OLD MCPE worlds to Java

This is for worlds created BEFORE MC Win10 edition.
This is for iPad users. (I don't know if android is different)
iPad is running MCPE Version 0.15.6 (2016), and previously 0.10.4 alpha (2014)

Just want the necessary programs? Download here
iFunbox iPad file manager.
MCC Tool Chest PE PE to Java world converter.

I started playing Minecraft PE around 2013 when it was really new.
I don't have my first PE world anymore (rip), but I still have worlds on my old tablet that I wanted on my computer in Java edition.

These worlds are from around 2013 - 2015 and can NOT be converted with Minecraft Bedrock edition.

I played MCPE on an iPad mini. If you did as well, you need to download a 3rd party program to access the worlds. iFunbox does a good job at this.

To get to your worlds, follow the directory tree:
Apps > Minecraft PE > games > com.mojang > minecraftWorlds

Newer "infinite" worlds will have a random title, while older worlds keep the world title.
You can find the name of the world inside "levelname.txt".

Create a new folder anywhere and drop the worlds that you want into it. You can drag and drop the worlds right out of iFunbox.

Open MCC ToolChest, click File > Open, click "select folder", then navigate to the folder you created, then select a world from that folder.

Click Tools > Convert > To Java. When the dialog box appears, just use the normal settings, and press Convert. When the conversion is complete, you should see the world appear in your Minecraft Java saves list.

This is what I saw when I joined into the random world I chose. Don't ask me.

Converted world problems:

Chunk generation and biome info does not line up... I was expecting this.
Blocks that connect such as fences, windows, and bars disconnect and require a block update.
Beds become invisible. Replace or sleep in the bed for it to reappear.
Top half of doors are in the incorrect state. Just open and close the door to fix this.
Items in chests will change as the Id's will most likely not line up across versions.
If you had items in your inventory, they will disappear.

These problems are all minor, one time, and easily fixable.
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