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microsoft tech support told me to go to hell

So I was helping a family member install Microsoft Office 2011 on a MacBook Pro. (its old i know)

So after the normal installation it was all going well. Until it says to activate the product. Okay, i'll just put in the serial key. After putting in the long serial number it says "The activation servers are currently offline. You can try again later, or activate by phone .

I started to think about this... With how fast technology is moving on these days, this product is obsolete! For sure the activation servers are offline forever. So there was only one option...

We called the MS Phone Activation number.

Phone > Welcome to the Microsoft Phone Activation Line.
Phone > What Kind of product would you like to activate?
Phone > Is it Windows, Office, A-

Me > Office

Phone > Okay. Please tell me the 26 character code on your screen. This will be read out in segments, A to G.
Phone > Please tell me: Section A...

--This was going to take forever. And knowing how phone robots usually work I was sure at the end it was gonna go "OOPS PLEASE SAY ALL 26 DIGITS AGAIN"

Me > 348693

Phone > Okay... Section B

--So you can tell how this went...

Phone > Please tell me: Section G (the last section I believe)

Me > 209646

Phone > ..................
Phone > .......
Phone > Approved.

--Amazing. First try. Approved. Thanks for the long suspenseful wait too Microsoft.
--But then...

Phone > I will tell you another 26 digit code. Please type this into the lettered boxes on your computer screen.
Phone > Now move your mouse over to the box labelled "A". Once you are finished, say "Next".

--I am serious it did say that. I do also have to understand there might be some computer n00bs out there but still...

Phone > 238756

Me > Next

Phone > 203975

Me > Next

Phone > I didn't quite get that. Would you like to restart from the beginning?


Phone > 209576

Me > Next

Phone > I didn't qu-

Me > NEXT!!!!!!

--This was a pain. It understood a 26 digit code but it cant understand "Next". agh...

Phone > You can re-use this code in the future to activate your product again. Would you like me to give you some time to write down the code?

Me > Yes

Phone > Okay. If you need more time just say "Give me some more time.

> *sound of paper moving*

Phone > I didn't quite get th-

Me > Give me some more time...
Me > *Writing down the code*

Phone > Are you done writing down the code?

Me > Give me some more time...
Me > *Writing down the code*

Phone > Are you done writing down the code?

--This thing was asking every 10 seconds if we were done writing down the code...
--Eventually we finished.

--We clicked "Activate" on the computer...
--HOLY S--- IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!

So if you're going to activate a product, remember. You're going to have to go through this...
Have fun and thanks for reading!


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