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Bad Poems

in english class there was an orange cup on the desk.
what is this for?
its for our unit on poetry.
o h . . o k a y .

someone in my group wrote the following "poem" about the orange cup...

Its a cup, an orange cup.
I want to pick it up.
I wonder were its from.
Maybe its a bowl.
Its an orange cup.

It's rubbish though. So I turned it into a "song".

A cup, a cup, a very orange cup!
Ya know, I wanna pick it up.
Sometime I wonder where it's from,
but maybe it's a bowl- no it's a cup!

Here's a little rhyming thing that I wrote when I was bored in class during the poerty unit.
Our booklet asked if we could rhyme a line with "The Thundering Storm" or... something.

The thundering storm caused the windows to shatter
The sound of it breaking caused a big clatter
So I went downstairs quiet as a mouse
To see what had happened to my country side house
I explored the place without seeing a thing
Until I stepped foot into the kitchen
I saw broken glass on the sink and the plates
I knew this would cost a lot to replace.

I wrote this down on a scrap paper as a comic that I never ended up making a good copy of

The following is a public service announcment from dvd3000 industries

Don't have to rhyme
So they sound like rubbish
It simply sounds like i'm talking
b l e h

"I'm pretty sure that was a cinquain"

Here's some actually bad joke poems (aka rhyming things):
We were told to write a rhyme thing for: Super Bowl LII, Stranger Things and FORTNITE

Super Bowl LII
Battle of the Wiis
"Wii is dead anyways. *click*"

Stranger Things is very strange
It's as strange as my range...
as in oven range.

Fortnite has caused many deaths due to how cancerous it is.
Avoid it at all costs. Notplayingfortnite saves lives.
A message from the government of Canada
( not a real message from the government )

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