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this was for a terrible school paper with someone who couldn't type.
they typed so slowly that there wasn't enough time to finish it, so i finshed it myself.

"show don't tell" was supposed to be a writing style where you imply something without explicitly telling it....

the power went out

  the power went out       By:(my name)  and (their name)  show don't tell

the time in the story
sunday 2016 the january 2th 10:07 in the morning

i'm on my bed it's 10:07 in the morning and my mom dad and lil sis are all asleep i don't know how they can sleep in until 10:07 in the morning oh look now it's 10:08 (instead the story should be called time passes) and still don't know why they are not up watching TV well anyway i'm watching TV and they just ...oh no the screen went black and the lights went off.
Well the logical thing to do is to just get the remote and turn it back on! *click* oh I guess the remote WAS FRIED. So I had to get up and press the "on" button on the tv. Nothing happened. Maybe the circuit breaker WAS FRIED or we stopped paying for our electricity bill! So he went upstairs to his parents bedroom. He woke up his dad. Hey dad nothing's working. "what" said his dad. The electricity isn't working. It's really stormy outside too. Probably just the power went out. Said his dad. Oh, ok. The end

I was watching TV. it randomly turned off! i tried to turn it back on. the remote was fried!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
Oh wait it just has no batteries.
No wonder it was so light.


I think someone wrote that part......