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486 diary

You know, I think I can hear my computer think. Whenever I get it to do something it goes like "click click clickk grrt"

Sometimes I disable the "turbo" mode when I run several programs at once. That way I can give the CPU more time to combust. I know it works because the clicking slows down when I press it. I hope this will make my computer last longer.

You know, I spent like $2000 getting this thing custom built at that computer store on 12th. I knew I was getting the quality stuff and none of that $1200 Packard Bell junk that Seth bought. You gotta pay more for the quality. I won't have to bring this thing back cause it won't break down like that Packard Hell does.


I brought it back to get one of those Seedy ROM drives installed. I thought I already had one but when I inserted the CD, the drive just scratched it and I couldn't get it out. The shop told me that my computer has a 5 1/4 floppy drive that couldn't read CDs. I don't know why they would've included a floppy drive that couldn't read CDs. I'm still not sure if these guys are ripping me off on a $300 upgrade so I can play music on my desk instead of in the living room.

How do I make these letters bigger?

to be continued (last updated nov 28 2021)