yes we use our toes (not a fetish post) by dvd3000
I don't remember exacly where I heard this, probably in 6th grade elementary school, but I remember one guy saying "you know, we're gonna evolve to not have toes in the future cause like we don't even use them".

Ignoring the fact that we use them for walking and balancing, here's something I have to tell you. That is just flat out wrong. I use my toes every single day, and at least anyone who's as clumsy as me and drops stuff all the time knows how easy it is to just, for example, you dropped a rag on the floor, you just put your foot on top of it, scrunch your toes together, flip your leg up, and catch the rag with your hands! It's literally awesome. It saves me from having to bend down on to the floor, it's easy to do, and it's cool. What more could you want.

And also, those foot fetish weirdos would be pretty mad if feet were just like big flippers.

6th grader opinion DESTROYED.

- dvd3000

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