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This was a dumb story I wrote with my friends at school in 2018. It pretty much revolves around the several inside jokes we had at the time including "e-bates", "is the football game over yet" and "the flying nuclear easel"

The Television

One morning Joe and his son John were eating breakfast when studdenly an e-bates ad started playing on the kitchen television!

"E-Bates! Where you shop and get paid!" said the TV guy.
"for every $100 you get $5!"

John thought that was amazing, but Joe thought it was trash.

They continued sitting there eating.

But then the TV station started showing football and John asked "Is the football game over yet?!"

"...no." said Jim as he turned off the TV. They looked outside the windows and saw a flying nuclear easel fly by and land in their yard.
They walked out front to greet them. "Do you know where the nearest gas station is?" Said the pilot.

"Oh, drive down the street and turn left." said Joe.
"Okay thanks" said the pilot.

I guess that this ended up with bonus 05.14.18