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drink water NOWPosted in general on Jun 20, 2022

Never thought I'd have to practically advertise water to people.

Water is the key to all life. You can't get more natural than water.

I hate when people say "water doesn't taste like anything"... water tastes refreshing. Especially here in Canada, ESPECIALLY on the West Coast, where we literally have the best water you can get in the world, and people still don't like it. They'd rather drink some stupid pop drink to rot away their teeth.

Water. You don't need to flavor it, you don't need to carbonate it, you don't need to do anything.

Imagine unironically drinking vitamin water.
What is the point of carbonating things?
I can imagine when carbonated drinks were invented...
"Hey, we discovered something amazing, imagine water... but it hurts you when you drink it!"

They keep showing these Sodastream ads on TV. Wow, you can carbonate water yourself. My brother doesn't understand my diet in any way. He would rather let himself go than eat healthy, and it's not even that hard. He told me "if you just drink carbonated stuff more, you won't hate it". And why would I want to do that?

first thing in the morning, I get up and drink some water.

when i'm relaxin and chilling out, even maybe with some chips, I drink water.

Maybe I'm a professional water drinker.
Here's the fleet of liquid containers...

My first water bottle was a small 0.35 liter Nalgene bottle (don't have it anymore), and later upgraded to the blue 0.7 liter Contigo Autoseal on the left. I used this water bottle for years and years, but eventually it did start to leak, and I don't use it as much anymore. To the right is my second Congito Autoseal, same 0.7 liter but this one is the new aluminum style. As much as I love the plastic one, the Aluminum ones work almost like a Thermos, keeping your water cool, and condensation out. This one is my favourite water bottle to use.

I love the Contigo Autoseal system. Open up for consumption with the press of a button. No opening, unscrewing or anything, just grab, push the button, drink, and put down. Automatically closed, and safe for when it falls over on your computer desk. Over the years of my Autoseals, they've fallen on my computers dozens of times, and the autoseal has saved my ass every single time, even my old blue Autoseal which started to leak, no significant amount of water came out.

I also have some alternate water bottles. The silver Manna ones comes with me to school. Seems like everyone these days has one of those Manna bottles, and I really don't know why. They're super small, hold barely anything, and are just a regular screw on water bottle. And yes, mine's fallen over twice since I started using it in 2018, which isn't a lot, but it could have been avoided with the autoseal!

The other bottle is another 0.7 liter, which I sometimes take around with me on other occasions. Sometimes if I don't feel like getting up to refill my bottle, I just fill up that one and my aluminum Autoseal, and switch when one's empty....
we talked about water on mchat a while ago

mChat on Fri Jun 17, 2022 @ 3:09 PM

[3:09 PM] dvd3000 also brb, gotta refill water bottle (i NEED WATER)
[3:10 PM] UserPenalties ngl i just overdosed on water
[3:10 PM] UserPenalties i drank a whole water bottle and THEN SOME
[3:10 PM] UserPenalties more like two water bottles honestly. it was good water though :thumbsup:
[3:12 PM] dvd3000 ok back
[3:12 PM] dvd3000 i hate when people say "water doesnt taste like anything"
[3:12 PM] dvd3000 water tastes refreshing
[3:13 PM] dvd3000 i dont drink pop or anything (well i drink tea and coffee sometimes) but mostly 99% of liquid i consume is water water is so good
[3:13 PM] UserPenalties same bro. i only drink tea in the winter.
[3:13 PM] UserPenalties oww gawd- i gotta dwink my woo'ah again :oops:
[3:14 PM] dvd3000 i have a fricken contigo autoseal (i think) 40oz water bottle
[3:14 PM] dvd3000 its like 8 years old and best water bottle ive ever had
[3:15 PM] UserPenalties ok i might drink juice but it is only when like someone else gets it for me- but i would not buy and drink juice because- ok it tastes good, that's cool and all but it just makes me more thirstier
i had 5$ and instead of buying juice i bought a large bottle of water while i was out with my friends. What is even more funnier about this though is that THEY DID THE SAME THING!!!
[3:15 PM] dvd3000 juice is kinda gross. it makes ur teeth feel weird. i used to drink juice a bit when i was little but i drank water after i drank juice so yea
[3:16 PM] UserPenalties juice and just everything with sugar in general just leaves that nasty "acidic-sour" taste in my mouth. It's killing me.
[3:17 PM] dvd3000 yea, i hate that feeling
[3:17 PM]UserPenalties I end up drinking a lot of water soon after.
[3:17 PM]UserPenalties also i do not understand what is it with like sparkling drinks
[3:17 PM]UserPenalties personally it just feels like pain on your tongue
[3:20 PM] dvd3000 yesterday i tried some of this carbonated cranberry juice that my mom got
[3:20 PM] UserPenalties not to mention that it is just a bunch of gasses so chances are you are probably gonna burp up your nose or something and fucking die

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