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My opinions on Windows 10

A long "rant" about why Windows 10 sucks
this page will be expanded on as more things happen

Updated Nov 12, 2020

I honestly hate to see Microsoft working so hard to push people off windows 7 and to upgrade to their new OS because it's supposedly better in eVery wAy.

Windows 8-10 is a steaming pile of garbage that has no right to be called an "operating" system.

Phones are obviously designed to cater towards non technical users, with simplified menus and ui designs. Since Windows 8 Microsoft is trying to push this idea into the desktop computer... I guess they think mobile touch devices have taken over at this point. "tap here to view".. How about CLICK?

Here's some points I have to make about why Windows versions 8 - 10 are literal computing garbage that have no right to be as popular and "put up with' as they are.

- Processing Power

For whatever reason, an operating system today has to consume at least 3gb of ram while just sitting there doing nothing.

Over time the amount of ram needed to run an OS will only increase, in an attempt to push underpowered computers out of users homes as fast as possible, to always keep the user upgrading and to hammer the idea into people's minds that "I must upgrade my computer every 2 years... spend more money....'. Old computers with 4gb of ram are still extremely capable at doing general tasks, but new software and OSes pull down so much processing power just sitting idle doing who knows what.

What ever happened to making code efficient? In the olden days of computing, every kB of ram mattered, and developers made sure software would work on abysmal amounts of ram. Now we just throw more processing power at code that isn't efficient, making perfectly capable computers "obsolete'.

- Dumbing down and bloatware

Newer versions of Windows even throw a lot of power into their awful UI.
Mobile devices are slowly rising above desktop computers, and Microsoft apparently thinks that computer UIs should resemble phones to fit in in this "modern society of the future' I guess. I have a computer not a Nokia knockoff!!

I call Windows 7 the last "classic' version of Windows. "Technical' users could still control the computer how they want to control it... Windows 10 obviously is very dumbed down in things like the control panel, and is obviously designed to cater towards "non-technical' users, with their spaced out design and minimal text.

Microsoft is trying to replace the classic staples of the OS. Paint, Solitaire, etc, are slowly being replaced by "modern' metro apps, that usually do the same thing, but taking up absurd amounts of processing power. The "Photos' app on my Windows 10 pc takes up to 1 minute to open a picture. I'm fine, I'll stick with Photo Viewer or IrfanView. Can't wait till notepad's replacement. (Or bloatwareification... that's a word right)

Many of Microsoft's apps install themselves without asking for permission. Every day I see new apps installed. Of course you can't uninstall these without special software. I live on 3mbps Internet, and I'm not wasting that stuff on stuff that I don't use. It's literally official bloatware. And how it acts is almost like a virus, even though windows 10 itself is kind of a virus.

My computer started its normal self updating for 5 hours, and all it did was install edge. No thanks, I use a good browser. This is just IE all over again, but with less OS integration (for now)... they can't stop shoving what they want you do use into your face, just hoping you'll "like it' or something.

Thanks Microsoft, but my computer is not a phone. Let me use and control my computer how I want to.

- Spying, nagging and adverts

Really this comes as no surprise. All big corporations seem to watch what we're doing, collect data, and bundle it all up in a neat little package to sell to advertisers. Now can we keep that BS out of my living environment.

Windows 10 collects your data, and while there are tools to disable this, I have no trust in Windows 10. I feel like I can't do a thing in privacy without getting my social insurance number leaked. Remember when spyware was called a virus? Well now it's everyday living, and people just put up with it.

Google Chrome is like Windows 10. It's another piece of software that has inefficient code, consumes a ton of memory, and spies on you. It's been exposed already, yet people still put up with it? Why? Ignorance I guess.
They can just use your computing power to collect data about what you do on the internet.

Windows 10 is a nosy piece of... ok but really, all day it's yelling at me, "Ms office is installed, just activate it!' "Activate windows defender' "upgrade to edge, the cool whatever'. Can you piss off already. I don't want your garbage software Microsoft.

Windows 10's start menu is retarded. Piss of with those "live tiles' will ya? Who even uses those? Because Windows 10 is always online and always talking to MS servers, they can push adverts into your desktop. That was joked about 20 years ago, now it's real. I haven't experienced Windows 10's start menu for more than 2 minutes, because I saw it, then instantly installed classic shell.

It blows my mind that people put up with Microsoft, following what they want you to do, use their software, collect more data, upgrade UPGRADE! Some day computers will be telling us what to do and morons will put up with it. That was a joke, but if it's not already happening.

But still, even in the 90s, Microsoft was pulling off stuff like this. In Windows 98, Microsoft was in the whole thing of IE Integration, including throwing the "channel bar' on the desktop, which was pretty much just advertisements. Many people back then hated this, with tools to remove IE, and even later versions dropping the channel bar, but these days people just put up with Microsoft's BS in Windows 10, and don't even complain. There are even idiots who go up to defend Win10 and Chrome, without realizing there are better options. (Firefox forever!)

(And related to Chrome, Google is probably the worst offender of data collection. I prefer to use DuckDuckGo, because it doesn't collect your data. The only reason I use any Google products is for YouTube. It's a terrible website, but the smaller, better alternatives don't have content from users I watch, and if I moved to VidLii for example, my video views would go from 40 to 0 because it seems nobody knows how to use a different website, after watching several people leaving YouTube to alternatives, and losing most of their viewer base. But this isn't about YouTube, so I'll leave this off here.)

- If it hate Windows 10, why do I use it?

You are probably calling me a hypocrite right now, but since I moved from Windows XP to Windows 10 in 2017, I have been finding software, programs and methods of modifying Windows 10 to be good. No more spying, no more shit metro theme, no more bloat. Just a smooth and clean experience. Imagine a Windows 10 lite. We're almost there. You don't need to just accept it when Microsoft shoves a new shitty feature in your face, you have the power. Check back to my tech page for more ways to modify Windows 10, and take back control of the operating system that belongs to YOU.

I could also switch to some sort of Linux based distro. My first introduction to Linux was Lubuntu, and while I absolutely love Lubuntu and use it on some of my computers, I can't find myself using Linux on my main computer until it gets near the point of usability or popularity that Windows has, because I did try to move to Lubuntu, but I quickly found myself losing the programs and software that I used for years.... Or at least until Wine gets better.

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