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Activating Windows XP after end of support

After the end of support for Windows XP, it's no longer possible to activate Windows XP over the internet, only via phone line.

Method 1: Activating with Registry Editor

1. Open "Run"
2. Run regedit.exe
3. On the directory tree follow through:

Windows NT

4. Double Click OOBETimer to open it
5. Delete all of it's contents
6. Type the following (do not type spaces or use the enter key)

FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F
D5 33 93 FD

7. Right Click WPAEvents and click Permissions
8. Select SYSTEM and check the "Deny" boxes for "Read" and "Full Control"
9. Click "Yes" on the warning message
10. Click on the Activation (Keys) button in the system tray to be greeted with "Windows is already activated. Click OK to exit"

Method 2: Activating using AntiWPA

The regedit method only works on certain systems, and will often be reset, causing you to be locked out after 30 days. This program I found a while back by CW2K permanantley fixes the issue by installing a DLL to make Windows always think that it's activated.

This was worked on every system that I have tried it on, and some have been running for years with the patch with no issues, just be aware that many antivirus programs will catch AntiWPA.dll as a "win32.hacktool", deleting the file, and certain programs that check for activation may claim that Windows is not activated. I haven't run into any of these problems myself, except for on a machine running Kaspersky, though adding the file to the exclusion list fixed the issue.

Download is here:
antiwpa33.zip, 26KB.

This patch was NOT created by me, and is not affiliated with dvd3000.ca in any way. You use this program at your own risk, and I am not responsible for anything caused by a program that I have no relation to. I am only hosting the file as I was not able to find a clean download anywhere else.

You need to unpack antiwpa33.ima with a program like 7-Zip or WinImage (winrar will not open winimage .ima files!!)

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Updated Oct 16, 2020

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