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DerekWare HTML Author is a great freeware program I found a while back on some floppy disk.
It is very easy to use and has shortcuts for things like bold, italics, big, small, color, etc...

It seems that the website has gone offline so I thought that i'd make it available for download here.
If you search there is one other website that has a page for it, but that download has also gone offline.

No, ...CNET does not count as a website.

You can download the program here. It is in the compressed ZIP format.

2001-11-20 2:26
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DerekWare HTML Author 3.0 by Derek Smith
Public beta version

So you're asking yourself, "What do I need with *another* web
authoring tool? What could this one possibly provide me that I don't already
have?" Well, I find myself asking that same question. However, no matter
what application I used to create web pages, none of them seemed to offer
everything I wanted.

That's why I wrote DerekWare HTML Author.
- Fully 32-bit Windows 95 application
- Supports all HTML 2.0 tags and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 extensions.
- Intelligent tag formatting, allowing the user to select the text to be
formatted and click a button.
- Tag Wizards for the more complicated tags, including font changes,
extended horizontal rules, images, dynamic images, links, marquees and
- A customizable tag list, allowing the user to add, remove and modify user-
defined tags.

DerekWare HTML Author 3.0 is being released as freeware to the general public.
The program may be freely distributed, so long as none of it's contents are
modified in any way. Corporate use is hereby forbidden without written
consent from the author.

Contacting the Author
If you have any questions or comments, or just find the product useful, feel
free to contact me.
Send e-mail to Derek Smith (derek@shell.masterpiece.com) or visit the
DerekWare Homepage at http://shell.masterpiece.com/derek

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