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Homepage Floppy Disk Calculator

How many floppy disks would you need to store X amount of megabytes?
This page was made for me to try out using forms to calculate things.
Mode: MB to Disk - Disk to MB

Size/Type of disk:

Common Sizes:
31/2 Floppy
720 KB
1.40 MB (macintosh)
1.44 MB (HD standard)
1.60 MB
2.88 MB

5.25 Floppy
160 KB
360 KB
1.2 MB

MB would be
Floppy Disks

1 GB = 1000 MB
1 TB = 1000000 MB

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Updated Aug 4, 2019

dvd3000 is just another netizen yelling into the void

this is my website! and where I've been collecting my internet happenings off and on since 2014.

just come on in and make yourself at home, and don't mind the mess..

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