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Fonts Disk by Rascal Software. As Clever As It Gets!


The downloads on the disk are dated 1995 and the extracted downloads are dated 1993.
You can download the downloads in uncompressed IMA format or ZIP.
The disk contains a readme file and the (16-Bit) extractor.
You can also download the contents of the extractor as a ZIP file.

Fonts Disk

Fonts Disk
By Rascal Software. As Clever As It Gets.
For Windows: To install, insert in drive and run Windows Control Panel - Double Click
on Fonts - Click on Add - Select Drive letter (A or B) - Select All - Click on OK
For Macintosh: To install, copy full contents of this disk to the SYSTEM Folder.



View all fonts on disk



In File Manager double click on the FreFonts.Exe file on this font disk. At the
prompt direct the installation to the C:Temp directory.

When the file is expanded use WIndows Control Panel to install.

Notice the typo...


File ZIP Size
Fonts Disk FONTSDSK.zip 415KB
Extracted Fonts FREFONTS.zip 407KB

I am not trying to infringe on any copyright and these are only here for archival purposes. As far as I can see they are not online anywhere else.

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