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GTInstall (gtinst.exe) is a batch install program used on various OEM restore CDs to automatically install all software included on the CD, notabley Packard Bells from the NEC era.


In any GTInstall apps folder, there are 2 files for each program, and 2 more for gtinst.

.gts - Gives info to gtinst.exe on where to find files and where to install them to, as well as Program Groups and Registry Keys.
.gtz - Where the program files are stored in a proprietary compressed format.

.gtf - Gives info to gtinst.exe to automatically install all GTS files.
.dat - A list generated by GTManager to link the numbered .gts files to Program Names. (GTZ.DAT)


gtinst.exe should be run from the Windows Command Line (command.com).

Automated install:
gtinst.exe (filename).gtf install

This command will run the GTF script that would be run in the case of a regular OEM restore process.

Single program install:
gtinst.exe (filename).gts install

This command will install one individual program. Refer to GTZ.DAT for a list of what GTS file corresponds to what program.


GTINST.ZIP, 145KB. Tested on Win95 OSR2.

This is only the program to install GTS files, I do not have the software to compile GTS and GTZ files.

I do NOT own GTInstall, GTInstall is (C) 1997, G-Tek Technologies ltd.

This page only exists because I couldn't find any info about this program online, and I just wanted to extract the software from a 1998 Packard Bell restore CD. This is most likely not a complete list of usages, but it can do it's main purpose now.

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Updated Jul 16, 2020

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