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These are my posts from the Retro Battle Stations subreddit, as well as other posts that I though were interesting.

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My Retro Battle Stations posts

08/12/21: The Win98 Machine rises again: My new Win98 machine, ASUS A7V133 in this...
10/26/20: The new beginning for my 486 motherboard: The Am486 DX4-100 board lives!
09/25/20: The DOS Machine's first time online: Pentium 1 DOS/Windows Build finally done!
09/20/19: Was pulling my hair out on this one: CF to IDE adapter completely unrecognized
04/19/19: Found some celery in the trash: Found a computer on the curb!

My Retro Battle Stations faves
Updated every Saturday! Last update: May 8 '21

05/04/21: Don't talk to me or my son ever again: Variable MHz microcomputer
05/03/21: A very well done optical mod!: Logitech mouse from 1985 converted to optical...
03/09/21: A truly faithful and hard working system: A tribute to my tweener machine.
03/07/21: PRICELESS: Via C3 Gigapro: This is what peak performance looks like
12/18/20: I love period correct desktops: My estate sale PC running Windows98. Booted right up!
12/17/20: Cosiest setup ever!: My cozy battlestation corner, featuring the humble little computer...
12/14/20: Essentially my dream 98/XP build. SWEET: New build today with some "new" old...
12/11/20: Coolest basement: I probably have 30mb of storage on one corner of my basement wall.
12/11/20: I wish I had a local tech hoarder now!!: Stopped by my local tech hoarder. Picked ...
12/10/20: A computer you can fit in your pocket!: Golden Era of Pocket PC: HP iPAQ HX4700 ...
12/10/20: Underratted channel, go subscribe to this guy: My Intel Professional Workstation was ...
12/09/20: The worst of early 2000s computing :( : Do you remember the badcaps years? ...
12/09/20: A full on Mac Pro ARMY: My completed Mac Pro cluster running Slackware Linux
12/06/20: Real nice finds, love the P133, plus a box of disks n crap!!: My latest retro haul
12/05/20: A *literally* brand new ISA sound card: New ISA sound card for Retro PC gamers
11/30/20: Gonna make some Christmas floppies now: Went full geek on my Christmas tree...
11/28/20: Got a kick out of reading this: I found my drawing from 1992
11/26/20: A nice 1997 era machine: Pentium 120Mhz + Voodoo 1
11/23/20: Bringing new life to a forgotten PC: Weekend project was to get this P55C in shape!
11/21/20: Absolutley slammin' 486 machine: Picked up a 486 DX4 100 with 48MB RAM
11/17/20: "hello, is this asst computer?": AST Advantage! 624. Dumpster picked.. to upgraded..
11/12/20: 90's Packard Bells are beautiful: My DOS/Windows 95 machine repaired
11/08/20: A "Stylish" paint job (oh no): A truly cursed Windows 95 PC
11/08/20: A useful tip for you today: Thanks Microsoft, I'll keep that in mind!
11/08/20: 33MHz Windows 3.1 Solitaire: Got that good stuff (Beautiful machine)
11/05/20: Grandpa using his first PC: Awesome Grandpa
11/04/20: Premium childhood 2003 experience: Is windows media player retro?
11/04/20: BEAUTIFUL tricked out 486: My Magitronic 486 with keyboard from 1992
11/04/20: 486 era machine, 486 era wall: "Want some rye? 'Course you do!" 486 SoundBlaster
10/30/20: Period correct bedroom: ...picture of my high school bedroom around 20 years ago.
10/28/20: Rare Packard Bell saved!: Packard Bell Legend 486 battery acid leak repair
10/26/20: Abandoned Leading Edge 486 revived: Leading Edge Escapes the Grave
10/24/20: Cats on warm CRTs :) : My HP Apollo series 700 comes with a built-in cat heater
10/17/20: Apple Doors 98: Time for something illegal
10/15/20: Baby AT cases are the best: My favourite PC - AMD 386DX-40
10/08/20: Always good to see PCs get saved: Before and After , my barn find Packard Bell
10/04/20: Premium 90's home office. Nice pillow: Packard Bell PC in 1997
10/04/20: Love doing the same thing: Love poking through the hard drives of old computer p...
09/23/20: Cozy bench setup: ...the Sony PVM-9L1 and my $10 386DX/486DLC on the right.
09/17/20: Loved the talk on that lock: A second monolith for my collection- ps/2 model 80...
09/15/20: Real shame, not a bad card: That's why they call it the cap plague. Geforce fx 5200
09/15/20: Win2k is NOT obsolete: Spotify running under Windows 2000 on my newly built...
09/14/20: The Megaluminum Behemoth: My oversized behemoth of a Pentium III build
09/09/20: Gaming upgrade!!: say goodbye to Intel onboard graphics, and hello to RADEON!
09/05/20: Nice SFF 486 DX2 66: Almost finished restoring my 66MHz 486DX2 Unisys 4662.
09/05/20: Great for missing brackets: I made a stencil for marking out D-sub connector...
08/24/20: LUCKIEST FIND: Thrift store find. P1 133

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