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fun website snippets!

I've been on free hosting for a long time which really prevented the growth of my site. Back on 000webhost and especially Neocities, I was always running into a barrier somewhere.

But on paid hosting, you get a lot more freedom, such as the ability to use PHP scripts which helped add more functionality to my website while keeping it functional on very old browsers.

I tend to use PHP and JS together, but PHP whenever I can since I like to ensure somewhat compatile with non-JS browsers. So here are a couple of PHP and JS scripts that I have made over time for this site.

banner rotator

I dunno if you've noticed (from some feedback, apparently most people don't), but every time you load powerdvd3000, you see one of 18 randomly picked banners!

$get = rand(1,18);

echo '<img width="586" height="92" alt="PowerDVD3000" id="banner" name="randimg" src="/images/index/banner' . $get . '.gif">';

And with that, every time you load the page, a different image is chosen. I also like to have a "change banner" button so that people can see the banners without wasting my bandwidth by refresing the page hundreds of times, so to accomplish this, I reused the original javascript from my pre-PHP banner rotator.

function pickimg2() {
document.randimg.src = 'images/index/banner' + Math.floor((Math.random() * 12) + 1) + '.gif';

<button onclick="pickimg2()">change banner</button>

So ya just click the button to pick a new banner! I pulled this out of the archives again when a "banner change button" idea crossed my mind.

random pages suggestion

This website has gotten to the size where it's kind hard to find stuff that might stand out to you, so I added a random page picker with some "interesting" titles so you can find something you might find cool!

Instead of making a massive PHP script full of lines, instead I used a text file of lines, which is slightly more convenient. I keep it here, and it's easy to add to when I add a new page.


$path .= "/inc/more.txt";

$array = file("$path");

$message1 = array_rand($array);
$message2 = array_rand($array);
$message3 = array_rand($array);
$message4 = array_rand($array);
$message5 = array_rand($array);

echo $array[$message1] . '<br>' . $array[$message2] . '<br>' . $array[$message3] . '<br>' . $array[$message4] . '<br>' . $array[$message5];

random page NOW button

Here's another idea that I got, what if there was a random page button, but instead of hand picked pages like the suggestions thing, it literally just opens a 100% random page? So I made this thing that gets a completey random page right from sitemap.xml (which is auto-generated)

function randy() {
var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {
if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) {
var xmlDoc = this.responseXML;
var locs = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("loc");
var randomLoc = locs[Math.floor(Math.random() * locs.length)];
window.location.href = (randomLoc.textContent);
xhttp.open("GET", "/nav/sitemap.xml", true);

rainbow changing text

Or, text changing between whatever colors you want them to be! I used this for the logo on the good-net. This uses CSS animation.
#rainbow { animation: rainbow 6s linear 0s infinite;}
@keyframes rainbow {from {color: #6666ff;} 10% {color: #0099ff;} 50% {color: #00ff00;} 75% {color: #ff3399;} 100% {color: #6666ff;}}

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