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Blank VHS cover art
(was kinda beautiful)
Posted in tv on Dec 27, 2019
Since I've been going through my old VHS tapes, one thing I couldn't help but appreciate was the variety of different covers arts for blank VHS media.

Back then, buying VHS tapes was nothing exciting, maybe just something you did on the way home from the corner store when you wanted to tape something to watch later, and I appreciate that for something as simple as a VHS tape, each manufacturer had their own take on creating a (somewhat) unique design to accompany the same product.

Anyways, here's a gallery of all my unique VHS tape covers currently in my collection. Most of the pictures were taken in 2018, but soon I'll try to scan them so you can appreciate them in their highest quality.

But for now, you can click on any picture to see a high resolution version. Enjoy!

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